Local sports offer genuinely fun experience

Livin' the dream./ Gary Brotzel

Livin’ the dream./ Gary Brotzel

Not everything in Regina has to be about the Riders

When you’re talking about sports in Regina, all everyone ever seems to talk about is the Riders, and while they’re great, I tend to get tired of them fairly quickly. So, if you’re like me, and get tired of the 24/7 Riders coverage, then you probably will want some sort of sports substitute to fill that gap. Well you’re in luck! In Regina, there are a number of great sporting events that you can take in, have some fun, and it won’t hurt your wallet, either. And, fortunately for you, they’re all either starting up this spring, or will be in the middle of their season as well.

If you’re like me, then you love spending an afternoon or evening at the ball diamond, having a couple beers, and just relaxing on a summer’s day. If that at all interests you, then I highly suggest going to take in a Regina Red Sox game this summer. These guys have won a couple league titles in the past few years and always put out a competitive team. If you’re lucky, maybe a Regina celebrity will be taking in the action as well. Last season, they had Super Bowl champion and hometown hero Jon Ryan of the Seattle Seahawks be the special guest for the evening. You just never know who you might see at the ballpark!

The next local event might not be to everyone’s liking, but they’ve carved out a nice niche for themselves not only in Regina, but in Saskatchewan of late. The folks at High Impact Wrestling are Saskatchewan’s premiere professional wrestling organization, and always put on a big show. I’ve only ever been to one, but with time permitting, I’m hoping to get to a few more shows this summer, and watch these special athletes do their thing in the ring.

The next big name in Regina sports after the Riders would have to be the Pats, our local Western Hockey League team. While the Pats don’t always experience a lot of success, they’ve been on top of their games this season, currently sitting fifth in the WHL’s Eastern Conference, and second in their own division. That means that we’re going to be seeing some playoff hockey at Evraz Place this coming spring, which is fun for everyone. Not a lot of things compare to playoff hockey in the sports world, so I highly recommended that you take this upcoming chance to do so, because you’re never sure when the Pats will make it back there again.

My final suggestion for you dear readers might be the biggest hidden gem in Regina sports. It might be unfamiliar to most people, but roller derby has become huge in the Regina scene of late. The Pile O’ Bones Derby Club has some of the hardest-hitting and fun action in the city, and they’re about to start up their season next month, Apr. 25 to be exact, at the Callie Curling Club. I stress that even if it might not be something that interests you at first, this is something that you just have to check out for yourself. It really is unique among Regina attractions.

The point here is that Regina isn’t just Rider town. It has so many other sporting events that are worthy of getting more attention in the community. Whether it’s because of their hard-hitting action, consistent success, or just overall fun factor, these events are something that you just have to check out every now and then.

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