Letterkenny season two a huge hit, bahd


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Letterkenny maintains its formula for success for a second season. | Youtube | actors Andrew Herr (left) and Dylan Playfair (right). Letterkenny season two.

The grassroots series makes being Canadian cool and hilarious.

There are 5,000 people in Letterkenny, and their problems are hilarious.

Letterkenny coming out on Christmas was literally Christmas for adults. After only getting six episodes in season one, creator Jared Keeso gave us six more quality runs of the popular Canadian web series.

The second season saw a lot more depth for the original characters, as well as bringing in the smaller roles of popular recurring characters, giving them more of a spotlight. There was a lot crammed into the six episodes, but the pace of the show is so consistently quick that the 164 minutes feels like an entire day of binge watching (of course, in the best way possible).

All of the main characters of Letterkenny from season one were still intact from Keeso’s Wayne to Dylan Playfair’s Reilly, and from the hockey “bahds” to the “skids” which was integral to the success of season two. Season two begins with a continuation of the final episode of season one, when Wayne was knocked out by an unknown character at the bar.

Continuing with the storylines of season one and not messing with their formulated success of last year was exactly what the show needed. Their ability to continue to produce quality episodes that fans love will continue their success as they announced ahead of the Christmas debut that Crave had renewed the popular sitcom for a third season in 2017.

The following of Letterkenny started in May of 2013 when Keeso and Nathan Dales (who portrays Daryl) debuted “Letterkenny Ep. 1” on their YouTube channel. Since then, the minute-and-a-half video has garnered over 3.6 million hits and the popularity of the show has grown since then.

For fans of the show, the “Ferda Edition” of Letterkenny on Crave makes the show even better. It has voiceover commentary of season one featuring Keeso, Dales, Jacob Tierney (Glen, director and writer), and K. Trevor Wilson (Squirrelly Dan). Getting an in-depth look into the way casting was done, what music had been played – mainly unsigned Vancouver artists –  and a look into the improvisation of the comedy of the characters gives viewers an added respect for the show in its entirety.

All in all, the show has evolved into a Canadian staple, along the lines of Corner Gas, and Jared Keeso is our new Brent Butt. Showcasing the quality of actors and producers shows how Bell Media created a hit out of a simple minute-and-a-half Internet short.

If you haven’t watched Letterkenny quite yet, honest to God, you will not regret it. The small town rural culture that Keeso has created is mind-boggling and addictive. So pitter patter!

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