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It doesn’t matter how you spin it – 33K unmasked people is a bad idea right now

The football season has been among us for the last couple of weeks. This is the normal time of year when you can hear Mosaic Stadium loud and clear from miles away. Now, the question a lot of people have been asking and wondering is: should there be enough people in the stadium to make it sound like the thirteenth man never left if COVID-19 cases are rising?

The Roughrider game schedule is shorter this year compared to other years, but they seem to be having a lot of home games this season. The schedule this year has involved home games against: BC on August 6, HAM August 14, OTT August 21, WPG Sept 5, TOR Sept 17, CGY Oct 9, EDM Nov 13.

With this many home games and Mosaic stadium holding up to 33,000 people, some have wondered if these home games may be one of the leading causes of why COVID-19 cases are going back up once again. The game regulation and guidelines have been changing since the season begun. The Carillon is going to talk you through the steps of how the game has changed for both players and the audience.

The Carillon talked to Kody Kranhenbil who works for Pro-Av, a business that is best known for their ability to meet requirements for agencies and events. They meet new standards of excellence and people to give clear, bright images for the audience.

Kranhenbil explained to the Carillon that, in order to work on the field, you must get a rapid COVID-19 test, and double vaccination is strongly recommended regardless. A person’s test results must be negative for them to work the rest of the game. If a member of that working team (Pro-Av, or any other business that is allowed on the field) has to leave the field for any reason, they would need security assistance to use private stairs. While the teams are on the field, they are required to remained masked and socially distanced as much as possible from the coaches, refs, staff, and the other CFL teams.

When the games started, fans had no requirements they had to meet in order to attend a game. Now that COVID-19 cases have been growing in the province, the requirements to attend the Saskatchewan Roughrider games have been changing. When you attend games, you can see right away that bathrooms are being cleaned at least every game quarter – which is encouraging! They also have hand sanitizer and masks available to fans. At the game I attended, masks were required anywhere you could not see the sun. This means you must wear a mask in the washroom, in the stairs, inside hallways, suites, and just anywhere you can not see the sun. Now, starting at the game on September 17, fans will need to be fully vaccinated or they will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test to be able to attend the home games. If you are not fully vaccinated, you will need that COVID-19 test to be negative for 48 hours before the game. If you are not fully vaccinated and want to get a vaccine, they also offer vaccinations at Mosaic stadium.            

Different people have mixed feelings on whether the games should be going because of the rising case numbers. Although now that these requirements are in place, fans may feel safer to go. Going back to Roughrider games is an exciting moment for our society getting back to normal. Hopefully, if we have these guidelines in place, the cases will go down and we can have more exciting events for multiple people to enjoy.


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