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Tips to snap your mind out of that inactive fog

dhruval shah, contributor

Mind: one of the two things that the body relies on; the other being the heart. It is always full of undesirable thoughts, which we may never want to end up in our mind. There is a lot of unnecessary stuff that our mind contains. Think of it as a computer hard drive which is constantly overloaded with information and thus allowing it to perform errors. In today’s life, our mind is occupied by the burden of emotional thoughts, stress, fear, caring about what others think, and overthinking some things – the worthless stuff. This eventually ages the mind by feeding it rubbish things. This rids the mind of happiness, awareness, information, and the ultimate fascination of life.

The mind can always remain young and active if used intelligently. But what is intelligence? It is the awareness of the moment. The mind needs to be creative on its own; it needs to think clearly. When this happens, the mind can never grow old. The mind can remain in a perfectly working condition until the grave.

Let’s dive deep into the mind to see what magic it can do in our lives, the ways to keep our mind healthy, and eventually to let it live infinitely.

Our mind is alluring in more ways than we think of. The body can age but the mind can retain its perfectly working state forever. One’s mind which is aware of the moment can never run into chaos. A person can use their mind to consciously tackle any situation and calmly deal with it. If the mind is overloaded with other useless thoughts, then there will be frustration and devastation.

Education is one of the most important blocks to building a perfect mind. It helps the mind to think in vivid ways and keeps it in an active state. Education is not something we have to finish, not something we have to just make our way through, but instead try and learn new things and enrich our minds with it. A commitment to lifelong perpetual learning can grow our minds in an unimaginable way. An educated person can handle any situation with mindfulness and with the knowledge they possess, whereas an uneducated person wouldn’t be able to handle unforeseen situations, leading them to distress. This is the basic difference between an active mind and an inactive one (one which is growing old). With the right education comes intelligence, which lights the hope to live a better life.

The generation gap, one of the most popular topics today, is because of the manipulative mind. In today’s world, full of easily accessible gadgets, teenagers think that everything can be achieved with minimal efforts, like the effort taken to touch on a touch screen gadget. Their mind has been manipulated to believe that everything in life can be achieved with nearly no effort; they have lost the factor of patience in their life. This shows how delicate the mind is. One of the solutions to reduce this generation gap is to train the mind with the right information. We need to know patience and the power of our fellow minds rather than living in this touch-and-tap world.

A robust mind can be achieved with several things: physical exercises, mental exercises, healthy eating habits, and meditation. Let’s go through them one by one.

Physical exercises can involve going to the gym, swimming, yoga, or playing a sport. By doing these sorts of activities, our minds can get diverted from our daily, mundane routines and can experience joy. Physical exercises can also include something as simple as a leisurely stroll around the lake or the neighbourhood. The crucial aspect of exercising is, at least in today’s world, to allow ourselves to have a break from screens and keep our bodies active.

Solving crossword puzzles and playing games that make you think hard – chess, for example – are some very good options for mental exercises. They can even be as simple as doing your homework which, usually, requires you to engage your mind. Even learning a new language or instrument can help your mind stay active.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a famous proverb meant to encourage healthy eating habits. However, it can be hard to maintain a consistent habit of eating an apple every day. Fruits contribute a lot to the sharpness of our mind. Green vegetables are also a great source for receiving essential nutrients. 

Meditation, the blissful way to enrich the mind, enlightens our soul, showing us the path to ecstasy. Meditation helps us to connect with our inner soul and the control over the mind. With a connection to the soul, we can overcome feelings of laziness. Thoughts are a part of a process going on in our heads, which are capable of vivid visions and can be controlled by meditating. Our mind is greatly influenced by these thoughts in ways, just like our speech, attitude, and behaviour. Desire is a chain of never-ending processes starting with a small urge, which can be controlled by the practice of meditation, thus helping the mind to stay young. This doesn’t mean that a person should only walk along the spiritual path, but maintain a balance between their physical and spiritual world by pursuing happiness in daily routine through meditation.

Understanding the significance of keeping our mind young and the steps we can take to keep it young through the course of our lives are outlined here (although it is not an exhaustive list). Now, it’s up to the reader to incorporate this (or parts of it) into their lifestyle and construct a mind that is sustainable, active, aware, and calm. Nonetheless, our mind, heart, and body should be in a balanced state to bring harmony in our life.


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