Fly Points performing at the JUNO press conference on Tuesday

Hey look, it's not something depressing about the provincial budget, IPAC-CO2 shitstorm, or Hoth-like tundra that is Regina in March! That's right, it's time to get stoked for the JUNOs, which will be held in Regina on April 21 at the Brandt Centre.

Performing at the broadcast ceremony are Billy Talent, Carly Rae Jepsen, Marianas Trench, Michael Bublé, and The Sheepdogs, and added to the list of performers on Tuesday was Hannah Georgas and Serena Ryder. 

Along with the awards broadcast, there are a bunch of other events happening leading up to the awards, including JUNOfest, JUNO Songwriters' Circle, JUNO Fan Fare, and the JUNO Cup hockey game featuring a mix of NHL stars and musicians like self-proclaimed "go-to defenceman" and "premier hockey player" of the province, Jason Plumb.

“It’s been a bit of a feeding frenzy actually with the scouts since they heard I was playing in the cup. I’m just going to keep my feet moving and my head up and hopefully contribute," said Plumb at the JUNO press conference on Tuesday.

Minister of Parks, Culture, and Sport Kevin Doherty was at the press conference, but didn't have any solid predictions for who's going to be taking home some hardware at the awards. But, he will be rooting for The Sheepdogs and "anything to do with Saskatchewan artists".

Mayor Fougere was also at the press conference, but he didn't have any solid predictions either. 

“I don’t know. Michael Bublé is my favourite and not just because he’s the host. I really like him a lot. Jason Plumb is very good. I don’t really have a favourite; I just like the music," said Fougere. "My view when I’ll be going around to the different events throughout Juno week is to catch as much music as I possibly can.” 

That  just might be the smartest thing Mayor Fougere has said since taking office, and I mean no derogation with that. The JUNOs bring more than an awards show to Regina. There's going to be a ton of good music around town (more so than there already is) leading up to the awards show with events like JUNOfest, and it'd just be silly to miss out on some of the acts performing.

We'll be at the events surrounding the awards and at the awards themselves, so be sure to keep an eye here and on our Twitter for updates.

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