Junofest interview with Lauren Mann


Friday and Saturday were the most important parts of all the Juno shenanigans–actual live music. Junofest showcased a wide array of great musical acts from all over Canada, with a good deal of Saskatchewan artists in the mix. Even if you view the awards ceremony as nothing more than an industry circlejerk, the festival surrounding it did shine some light on some great Canadian acts. I caught up with Lauren Mann after her set at The Artful Dodger on Saturday to talk about the experience of playing at this year's Junofest.

The Carillon: How was the show tonight?

Lauren Mann: Good. It was kinda crazy, a little bit stressful.

TC: Why so?

LM: I think just the festival feeling with all the bands so close together, there’s pressure to get everything set up and sounding OK. There wasn’t really time to figure out all the sound stuff, so there were a few things we had to work though during the show, but it was still super fun.

TC: Have you checked out any of the other bands playing?

LM: On Friday we went to see Jordan Klassen at the Artesian, and we saw Hannah Georgas and Yukon Blonde at the Owl.

TC: Who did you like that you’ve seen?

LM: All of them. I’ve seen Jordan Klassen play a few times in Calgary and Vancouver, and I’ve seen Yukon Blonde once, but I’ve never seen Hannah Georgas, and it was really awesome. She’s really talented.

TC: What’s it like playing in a festival that surrounds a fairly large music awards show?

LM: It’s pretty cool. It’s humbling that we got the opportunity to do it. We feel pretty honoured to be here and be surrounded by all these talented people and other musicians.

Junofest is all wrapped up now, but we will be at the awards broadcast, so be sure to keep an eye here on our website and on our Twitter for more Juno coverage.

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