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author: konstantin kharitonov |  sports editor 

Jumping to victory / University of Regina Cougars

Welburn breaks school records at Bison Classic

Did you see the news, or did it jump right over your head?  

The Cougars’ track and field team had a very strong performance last week in Winnipeg at the Bison Classic. The highlight of the event was the two performances from high jumpers Joely Welburn and Amu Madol, who both had jumped over 1.70 meters, qualifying for the U SPORTS Championships held in March.  

Welburn’s jumps had been some of the best that the university has ever seen. On her third attempt t, the rookie had jumped over 1.73 meters, which broke the previous school record held by Megan Rumpel who set it in 2014 with a jump of 1.72 meters and secured first place in the event. Her taller-than-most-of-the-Carillon-staff jump vaulted her into first place for the event, as well as sending her to the national championship ranked third in high and long jump.  

Madol had also a strong performance on the court, as on her third attempt she recorded a 1.70-meter jump to her ticket the national tournament as well. Impressive feat for any high jumper, especially for one who is a dual-sport athlete, as Madol is also a player for the Cougars’ soccer team. Not too shabby at all.  

Head coach Wade Huber agrees. 

“I can’t say I expected Amou to clear 1.70 in her first meet, but she has exceptional ability and I am not at all surprised she made the standard.” 

With the two jumpers’ performances in Winnipeg, the Cougars have achieved something that not many schools can say they have. Since the bar has literally been set at 1.70 meters for an athlete to make it the championship, the University of Regina is going to be the only school that is sending multiple athletes, two of whom happen to be in their first year of eligibility. This is an event where only seven total competitors made the cut.  

As such, both Welburn and Madol could bring home some hardware representing the green and gold for the U of R. They will head back to Winnipeg on Mar. 7, when the USPORTS championships, and hopefully their podium finishes, begin.  

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