In Brief (04/03/2011)


Well, the last few weeks, even Reading Week, have been busy and insane for all of us, so this In Brief is coming out late as usual. But tardiness is the one thing you can expect from In Brief, so we're just trying to live up to our reputations here.

In this podcast: a discussion on Regina's support for Libya, audio from Vianne Timmons' speech at FNUniv last month, and ruminations on the human cocaine meme that is Charlie Sheen (to be fair to ourselves , we recorded this before joking about Charlie Sheen was entirely played out).

Also this week: contests! Play the Carlos Santa Game for tickets to The Crystal Kid at the Distrikt this Saturday (the deadline for the contest is now Saturday at noon since this went up so late), and guess what Riders this one kid likes for tickets to the Comedy Grind! Isn't that as whimsical as it gets, basically.


Music this week brought to you by Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. Have we used any of their stuff on a podcast before? Who even knows. I just dropped in songs that were already in our folder, so whatever.

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