‘Love is love’


My name is Tanner Vogelgesang. I am a homosexual male who, one day, would like to get married. This is a terrible step backwards for LGBT rights.

Wait, what? Backwards? According to Jonathan Petrychyn, yes, it is indeed a step backwards, according to his column last week (“Can’t Think Straight” March 1, Vol.54, Issue 21.).

The big thing that a lot of LGBT people and allies have been pushing in order to gain acceptance is “love is love.” Basically, straight love is the same as gay love is the same as lesbian love is the same as bi-, a- or omni-sexual love. And that’s worked out pretty well so far, mainly because it is completely true. While the act of lovemaking is technically different, the emotional connection between two people in love is always identical, regardless of gender or sexuality.

So why is Jon saying that this is “oppression?” I certainly don’t feel “oppressed” when I love a guy in the same way that my straight friends have loved people of the opposite gender. Yes, the system of marriage has oppressed many of us. That’s why we fought for the right to marry in Canada, and continue to do so in the U.S. and across the world; so that we can stop being oppressed. A post-sexuality world is one where sexuality doesn’t factor in to anything, i.e. everybody is treated equally.

The fact that Mr. Petrychyn would rather the queer community focus on what makes them different is frankly terrifying. The excuse that homosexuals and other queers have nothing to do with straight folk is exactly what every anti-gay movement wants: an excuse to say “they aren’t like us, they don’t deserve rights.” It undermines any attempt to stop countries from illegalizing homosexuality and punishing it with the death penalty. Saying that we are so different from heterosexuals destroys the “equal” part of “equal rights.”

I admit, Glee has its problems. Don’t get me started on the treatment of Asians or bisexuals. But Kurt and Blaine are not one of them. They are written romantically, and as equals. Their relationship develops just like that of straight couples because that’s what any gay relationship does, and what they should do on television. And if you want them to be as gay as possible? Watch any scene with them, those two are fabulous.

“Let’s be queer,” Jon says. I think two dudes tying the knot is pretty fucking queer.

Taylor Vogelsgang

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