‘How’s the weather?’


As of this writing, the temperature outside is four degrees above zero, and there’s no indication that this warm trend is about to stop anytime soon. Just last year at this time, the temperature outside was -9.5 before the wind. That’s a pretty significant change in one year.

Let’s all agree that the past year – as far as the weather is concerned – has been a bit, well, crazy; we didn’t see snow until mid November, it snowed like a motherfucker and was colder than thought humanly possible, the snow lasted until April, and the melt brought rain for most of the summer. Now it appears we’re repeating the crazy trend. Only the snow and cold seem to have stepped graciously out of the limelight. We’ve had a maximum of one week’s time where the temperature’s been below minus 30, and the snowfalls we’ve gotten have been peanuts compared to the storms we endured in say, 1998.

Now, we haven’t broken any record highs or lows as of yet, but we’ve come close. Damn close. In fact, if the temperature continues its steady uphill climb, the record high of 15.6 degrees set in February of 1932 doesn’t seem that unattainable.

Before I continue, I would like to clarify that I am in no way against this warm trend we find ourselves in the midst of. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t be happier with the current weather conditions. But even I know when it’s time to take a step back and say that something’s changing, and maybe not necessarily for the better. This recent trend of unseasonably warm weather has certainly given the proponents of climate change to sink their teeth into.

Again, allow me to elucidate further: I do not believe that the planet is doomed. I do not believe that greenhouse gas will wipe us off of the face of the earth, nor do I believe that Al Gore has any right to preach about the negative effects of emissions while he circles the globe in his private jet, consuming enough energy to power a small Germanic nation for years (and this goes for that asshat Bono, too). But even if the planet isn’t going to expunge the human race drastically like so much vermin, it’s hard to ignore the signs. The fact is, the planet is getting warmer. Weather trends are changing, ice caps are melting, the state of Texas is shutting down for snow fall, roofs in Alaska are caving in from their snows, and Regina is seeing less and less of the fluffy white stuff every year.

And so, the question must be asked: Will we fall prey to apathy or boredom? Do we have the tools to become the harbingers of change, or do we just not care about the whole global warming/environment debate? I’m not sure I’m in a position to answer. What I do know is that, seemingly overnight, “How’s the weather?” has become a pretty loaded question.

Kyle Leitch

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