Holistic healing with Hill

Allissa Hill, performing sound healing (right) and holding up a “Thai Massage” textbook (left).
Rrrrringgggg and feel the vibrations soothe your rising headache. Andrew Parry

An individually focused, holistic service for all

Hill Holistic Health is a local business in Regina owned by Alissa Hill. Hill is a practitioner who focuses on the whole body, and offers services based on healing and providing relief within the body. She does this by offering three main services: Thai Massage, Yoga, and Sound Healing. Together, or separate, she claims they improve the health and well-being of her clients in Regina.  

“Thai Massage is unique. It is about assisted stretching, acupressure, and traction of the body,” explained Hill. She added that it is very individually focused because each person requires different help.  

According to Hill, there are a number of benefits. “In terms of flexibility, mobility, pain release and pain reduction. Also, energetically, it is about creating that space to be present in your body.”  

“Having somebody there who can support you physically in the stretches that you may not be able to do on your own or getting you further into a stretch than you would be able to do on your own,” she said.  

Not only is Thai Massage about stretching and releasing the tension in your body, but is, “About slowing down and becoming aware of what is going on in your body, mentally and emotionally as well.”   

Hill offers a variety of different types of yoga. “Anybody and everybody can go to yoga. There are so many different kinds out there.” Yoga is something beneficial for your health that you can do alone at home or in a group.  

“Everything from chair yoga, to virtual yoga, to in your home where you feel comfortable and supported. Even studio or boutique studio yoga where there is community, vibrance and energy, and private yoga sessions where someone works with you one-on-one,” Hill said. “No matter your ability, background, or goal, […] Yoga can be beneficial to anybody, and there is a style out there for everybody.” 

Sound healing is a particularly unique treatment that can be beneficial for numerous health issues. “I always recommend it to people who struggle with depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping in the evening. Sound healing can help our brain waves into a more relaxation state. […] Sound healing uses a variety of props like bolsters, blankets, sandbags, and eye masks,” Hill explained.  

“Then we play a variety of instruments like crystal bowls, tuning forks, drums, all kinds of things. They are used on and around the body. They create these beautiful sounds and vibrations that are felt in the body. It helps take you into a deep meditative state.” Even the description of sound healing sounds relaxing. University students, who are known for being under intense stress during the academic year, might benefit from looking into or trying out a service like this.  

Hill practices many different services, and she has also travelled to build up her education. Thai Massage is not universally known in Western Canada, but it is still a popular form of relief. Hill found a Thai Massage program in Calgary offered by the Mandorla Yoga Institute that gave her the time and space to learn and grow her skills. “Taking the Thai Massage program deepened my skills as a yoga teacher and vice versa. They both enriched each other,” Hill stated.  

After Hill trained, she had the opportunity to travel and teach, a beneficial experience that enhanced the quality of service she offers today. Hill got to spend several weeks in Ecuador in South America. Travelling allowed her to meet new people and explore different cultures. She spent some time on a farm where she was able to teach three yoga classes per week and in exchange, she got to explore different foods, harvest off the land, and board there as well. “It was a very transformative time for me as I was exposed to all different kinds of things that I’ve never been exposed to before,” Hill explained.  

Hill practiced yoga for fun before she trained to teach and guide others in classes. “I have been practicing yoga for 14 years now, and this was my introduction to the world of wellness and alternative health,” said Hill. “It had such an impact on my life in a number of ways. It gave me this [draw] to learn more, moreso for myself than an interest in teaching others. This is what drew me to take the yoga teaching training. It is called Naked Truth Yoga out of Vancouver.”  

Hill added, “Once I finished that program, I became quite close with one of the owners at Oxygen Yoga and Fusion studio, and she offered me right away to get into the studio and start teaching. She was very encouraging. Right out of the gate, I started teaching. It helped me find my voice and confidence.”  

“Over the last few years, Holistic Healing has become more popular. […] I want to encourage people to be open and ask questions. Any practitioner in the field got into it for a reason. Not for the money but because they care and they want to help people heal, support people, and help people feel good. […] I encourage people to reach out, do research, and don’t be afraid to try something different. This is a way you can see different results, and try something different, and see new or different results,” Hill said. 

Hill is educated on various forms of healing and health, and uses her knowledge to help others. Whether you are in pain or just need some kind of relaxation, Hill has knowledge to spare and would be more than happy to help you out.  


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