Here’s to a great semester!


Another semester does not have to equal dread and terror

So much happy…and so much sad. / Michael Chmielewski

So much happy…and so much sad. / Michael Chmielewski

Author: Elisabeth Sahlmueller

It’s hard to believe that the fall semester, as well as the long awaited Christmas holidays, are over and a new semester has already begun. Even though Christmas break was full of spending time with family and friends, finally having time to read that book, (not for class, but actually for fun) or watch that movie, many university students and professors are excited for the winter semester.

With 2015 just beginning, most people’s minds are on New Year’s Resolutions and how they can improve their lives. The nice thing about the start of another semester is that it’s a fresh start. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Mistakes are often made on an essay, assignment or midterm, and deep down it bothers us because we know we could have done better. This winter semester provides an opportunity to hopefully correct that same mistake, or at least do our best to forget it and move on. Also, some students learn the best methods of studying, and some instructors learn better ways to improve their courses. All of this can be applied in the following semester to make it even better than the last.

At the beginning of a new semester, supplies have been replenished, binders and notebooks reorganized, and unneeded paper has hopefully been recycled. There are no more notes with scribbled writing across the page or beside the margin that looks like an unreadable language, which creates difficulty and confusion when trying to rewrite or reread notes later on. This organization will likely fade as the months unravel, but for now, it creates enthusiasm.

Many university students are excited for the new semester because of the classes they have chosen to take. Some students are taking more specialized classes, and some are excited to be taking one that applies more to them as a kinaesthetic learner. Others are excited to learn more and experience the other events and opportunities the university has to offer. Another student gave a more honest reply, which university students can relate to. Excitement may not be the correct feeling, but many try to maintain a positive attitude during the semester. Usually, the effort you put into something, you receive in return.

University professors agree with the students; they are also looking forward to the new winter semester. They have a great level of enthusiasm for their classes and the impact they will have on their students. Some professors spent time productively over the Christmas holidays, making changes based on the feedback they received last semester, as well as creating new material and projects for their winter semester courses.

Christmas break was filled with fun, recuperation, and planning, but many people have an enthusiastic attitude for the new semester, which has just begun. Both university students and professors will have challenges at some point in the next four months, but hopefully everyone will be able to put forth a positive attitude to make this semester the best it can be. Here’s to a great semester!

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