Hallways 101


The introductory course that should be mandatory for all degree programs

Hallways suck. I’ve attended three universities in my time and they are all the same. It isn’t about the poor depth perception or the uncoordinated gaits of many students. No, this problem is about the majority of students lacking basic common courtesy.

The hallway is a public space; it is not just mine or yours, it is everybody’s. We all are allowed to occupy the hallways, so do your best to not be an asshole in them. If you see your friend and want to talk, then have the decency to step aside; don’t crowd in the middle. You are not only making it harder for people to pass through, you are also pissing people off.

If you walk through a doorway, hold it open for someone that is behind you. Did you not learn manners in elementary school? We should be well beyond the years of ignoring people walking behind us.

Another thing: if you are trying to cut across a gridlock of students just to get to another door, I am sorry, but wait your turn. Do you cross traffic even though there are 10 oncoming vehicles from both ways? No, you don’t. So don’t do it in front of your fellow classmates. It’s rude.

Of course there will always be accidents. The hallways are a dangerous place full of hazards waiting to happen. But do your part to make it a safer and less annoying place. I’ve talked to many students who agree that the rules of the road should apply to the hallways. Please walk on the right (not left) side because, nothing is more irritating than having to swerve out of the way for an oncoming pedestrian.

Also, if you are able to walk at a decent speed then please do so. Many students have time restrictions to get to their next class, so if you could be understanding of students who are trying to get from the Riddell Centre to the Language Institute in five minutes between classes, it would make the hallways a more pleasant atmosphere to be in. And for those of you who need to run, a simple “excuse me” or “coming through” in advance would be appreciated.

And hey, if you want to text while walking, be smart about it. I’m sure there are many of you who still talk or text while driving, which apparently you still don’t understand is illegal. However, most of us have learned that you don’t do it on Ring Road or in school zones, because that’s just asking for an accident or ticket to happen, or in this case, you will earn the well-deserved scorn of your peers.

So when walking in the hallways, take your sunglasses off, keep your head up, and most importantly, be a considerate person. Not only will that help keep us free from harm, but it will also make the hallway conditions slightly more tolerable when winter rolls around. Otherwise, campus security should step up and start handing out some walking tickets.

Paige Kreutzwieser

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