Got Seoul?


Have you ever thought of learning Korean? It’s a wonderful language – and from a Westerner’s point of view, it’s much easier than learning Chinese, which gives meaning to words through intonation.

Learning Korean provides many opportunities, such as studying abroad, vacationing in gorgeous environs, playing Starcraft professionally, and mingling with Regina’s growing Korean population.

Something that most students might consider is a study abroad program. Sogang University in Seoul, Korea, offers the opportunity to students at the U of R to participate in their Summer Abroad program. It’s a five-week program with the student’s choice of six- or nine-credit courses, including learning about Korean politics, music, language, and literature, history – and that’s just what goes down in the classroom.

English-speaking students will also be buddied up with a local student and given ample opportunity evenings and weekends to travel the city, or take a train or bus, and explore the country: visit the inexpensive days spas or beauty salons where you can pay a lady to set your face on fire, do some amazing shopping and see historical monuments, experience the Korean nightlife, including but not limited to Korean karaoke and dance clubs, visit the amusement parks – such as Lotte World – which I hear are open every day until all hours of the night.

I am very happy to say that I will be traveling to Seoul this summer. And yes, I will probably pay someone to set fire to my face. Can you tell I’m excited? I’m trying to contain myself. We’ll see if it’s up to snuff.

For those of you not traveling to Korea for either vacation or studious reasons (ie. probably all of you), why not take a trip to Regina’s Koreatown? It consists of … um. Well, there’s the Seoul Mart on 13th and Broad.

The Seoul Mart has been around for a few years. It’s a great little grocer that sells one of my favourite imported delicacies, Pepero (known to most as Pocky), and at a better price than Superstore. Just thinking of the abundance of Korean candies, cookies, and Lotte Waffles has me overwhelmed! I think I’m blushing.

If you happen to visit this quaint little grocer and don’t know what you’re potentially buying because the Korean lettering is all Greek to you and the anime character on the package doesn’t give you any indication of what may by inside the box, just ask! I did, and I got a wink and a phone number. Well, it was the Seoul Marts business card, but still. The people who run the store are generous and kind and will help you find all sorts of great things, like seaweed sheets, shrimp sauce, all that fun stuff! Even Korean tape!

There is also the Korea House restaurant on 11th Ave. It was practically forced upon me by my Korean prof. to stop by and investigate, but I’m glad I did. The restaurant was empty when I went, which is unfortunate, but the people are friendly and the food is excellent. I love me my kimchi. Korea House has great vegetarian choices and tasty lunch specials. Why not stop in for lunch and support the second half of Regina’s Koreatown? You never know how much awesome awaits you.

Cassandra Hubrich


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