Forever in … pink jeans?


Blue denim is great for anything but your legs

To the nines
Cassandra Hubrich


Denim is everywhere. Denim backpacks, denim jackets, denim shirts, denim shoes — talk about swimming in a sea of blue! Denim is rising in popularity and is being worn in every way: old school jean jackets are even making a comeback. According to the latest fads, denim is great to wear — on anything but your legs. As far as jeans go, colour is where it's at. Mint, bubblegum pink, yellow, and all shades of red are very in right now.

And how do I know? Thanks to Pinterest, anyone can stay in the loop with the upcoming trends, especially when it comes to campus fashion. The downside? All of what I just said is now out. Denim was in, until the first week of classes when everyone realized that they had repinned the same photo on their “Must Try This!” board and dressed similarly to 80 per cent of the student population.

What does this mean in the world of fashion and trending? I'm curious to see what other big fads will hit via Pinterest. It is definitely a neat tool and it's great for sharing ideas and finding inspiration insofar as mixing prints and pairing classic with edgy, etc., but how many people actually take inspiration from the cute outfits in the photos that go viral? Does the general population take an outfit idea from a photo and make it their own according to their unique personal style, or do they simply copy and paste, directly from Pinterest to their closets?

One way to avoid the trend while still being trendy is to take the key elements and really make them your own. Instead of a denim jacket, try for a mixed-material coat instead. If you can find a jacket that is, say, a mix of denim and leather, it's more likely to carry you from one trend season to the next, and you'll be less likely to throw it in the back of your closet if — when — the current trend goes sour.

For coloured pants, don't splurge and buy anything really expensive. When it comes to colours, you never know how long the trend is going to last, how big it will blow up, or how long it will be before you're completely sick of wearing yellow pants. So unless you are certain that you are going to wear them often enough to get your money's worth, avoiding spending big money on colour-specific trends.

Or, avoid them altogether. By all means, I'm one for being trendy, but let's not forget personal style. It is possible to be yourself while still keeping with times. Just because you don't wear leggings and a denim shirt doesn't mean you're out-dated and "not with it." Dress how you want! Even if that means wearing a knit sweater and slippers. Besides, granny-chic is very hot right now.

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