CD Review – Detours, Thought Beneath Film


Thought Beneath Film is the band’s name. Detours is the EP.  Short sentences for short songs, but I digress. The band hails from Hamilton, Ontario, so I’m assuming they love industry and most types of metals, and metal, my friends, is what this EP isn’t. They are a 5-piece pop-rock outfit that takes their name from an Emily Dickson poem, so English majors eat your heart out. 

Upon a first listen I was initially unimpressed. It felt so mediocre, the toast I was eating was beginning to look intoxicating by comparison. Admittedly, this type of music isn’t exactly my thing, but I can frankly admit that the EP itself isn’t bad. Recording quality is top notch, and everything feels very refined and tight-knit, which I guess would happen considering they re-recorded the album twice with three different engineers. The opening track “If I Could Fix You (You Know That I Would)” was seemingly the high point. The remaining four tracks had their strong points to be sure, but nothing jumped out. It was a cesspool of “these guys are trying so hard to get on to Z99.” With that being said, I understand perfectly well there’s a market for this type of music because I know 16 year-old girls exist, and Bieber-fever can last for only so long (I think).

Troy Julé

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