Fly Points’ Mad Man makes its Premiere

Arthur Ward
Arthur Ward

Fly Points Performing at their album release concert /Arthur Ward


5 men + 11 tracks = 1 killer CD

Article: Robyn Tocker – A&C Editor

A year and a half ago, Fly Points band members Graeme Watson, Billy Vancise, Julien Johnson, Danny Goertz, and Robby Vancise came together to start what would soon be a successful band of talented artists.

“Our music is energetic, guitar driven pop with elements of folk,” said Robby Vancise, the drummer, at their CD premiere on May 31.

Mad Men is the band’s first full-length album featured 11 original songs written collaboratively by all five members of the group. “We write about girls and the trials and tribulations of growing up.” While the themes are nothing out of the norm, the songs are catchy and their lyrics engaging that make anyone listening hit the replay button.

When asked about what it’s like to be in a band, Vanchise compared it to like being in any relationship. “We have trials and tribulations, but it’s a brotherhood. No matter what we’re doing there will be conflict but we are close. It’s part of being in the band.”

Regina is where the band started but it isn’t the only city the band hopes to play in. “We’ll go wherever the world takes us,” said Vancise. “I’d like to tour anywhere. Using music as a form to travel is an awesome excuse.”

Fly Points had played a lot of gigs together before their premiere, so there was a feeling of readiness among the members, but getting into the studio was a completely new experience.

“It was a different take. We had to get used to long sessions and redoing songs, but it was a great learning curve.”

The first song on their CD, “Always Do,” catches the listener’s attention with a universal theme of love and loss. By pairing it with an upbeat tune, the band gets its listener’s toes tapping and head bobbing. Yet Vancise claims his favourite song would have to be “Daisy”.

“I like how it’s arranged. It’s my favourite song to play.” It’s easy to see why. The song talks about a boy thinking of what could have been with the girl of his dreams and how she “has his number” but she won’t call. Another theme we can all relate to, another reason to love the track.

The CD’s title track, “Mad Man,” is also one of the highlights of the album. By combining the theme of love and growing up feeling like no one understands, the band strikes a chord in everyone who has grown up feeling out of place in the world.

Mad Men is available online at and iTunes. For the latest updates on the band, visit their Facebook page

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  1. Bob Vancise 7 June, 2013 at 11:20

    Thanks so much for the excellent article and photo. We really appreciate your work.
    If you need to talk to any of my guys in the future please call me.

    Bob Vancise

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