FIVE Summer Beers


Beers perfect for those days where you’re sweating by 9:30 a.m.

Rolling Rock: Rolling Rock is the quintessential summer beer; light, refreshing, and “extra pale” as the can suggests. It’s best on a scorching day in the sun, or a long day at work. It’s pretty light (to the dismay of some), but that only means it’s easier to pound/shotgun.

Best for: hot days, beer darts, drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking.

Estrella: Contrary to Rolling Rock is Estrella, which has a nice body and full flavour without being overly heavy. A solid fail-safe for any summer situation that would likely appeal to anyone joining you in your summer beer drinking.

Best for: a summer barbeque featuring burgers, hot dogs, etc.

Old Speckled Hen: Fans of Guiness and Kilkenny will enjoy Old Speckled Hen. It’s similar to the two, but without the creaminess of Kilkenny and the distinct, stouty roastedness of Guiness; smooth, malty, and delicious.

Best for: dinner time with a steak.

Affligem Blond: This beer was far too interesting not to mention. The best way to describe the taste is an amalgamation between pot and spearmint gum, but somehow it tastes intriguingly tasty and flavourful. My bottle also wouldn’t stop foaming since the time I opened it (it wasn’t shaken up), which was annoying but comical.

Best for: potheads, pulling pranks on your friends with nonstop foaming beer.

DAB: Fresh, lighter, and it was the cheapest tall boy in the store; thirst-quenching, tastes decent, and cheap. What more do you want from a summer beer?

Best for: being a broke-ass university student who didn’t get a well-paying summer job.


Paul Bogdan

A&C Editor

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