FIVE Mosaic highlights


What caught the Carillon’s eye at Mosaic

Best pickle: Poltava Ukrainian

More important than the drinks and the dances are the pickles. I’ve tried all of the Mosaic pickles because pickles are a delicious. The sliced pickles at the Poltava Ukrainian pavilion win with their tangy dill flavour and cool accompaniment to hot perogies and sweet borsch.

Best show: Scottish

Usually, I’d give this to the Caribbean pavilion, but I spent an entire two hours watching the mind-blowing Scottish show. The dancing was powerful and the bagpipe players were spectacular.

Best pavilion to overeat: Indian

If you’re like me, you go to Mosaic to stuff your face with delicious things. This year, the best place to eat until you felt like you were going to explode was the India pavilion. You would receive a heaping plate of all your favourite things: aloo mutter, butter chicken, naan bread, papadums, and some delicious dessert that is basically dough smothered in honey.

Most kitchy souvenir: Scottish

Mosaic is intended to be about getting to know the different cultures that make up Regina’s communities. Sometimes, it ends up being about what stupid souvenirs you get drunk enough to buy. The worst is the little plaid hats with fake orange hair at the Scottish pavilion. Note: This hat doesn’t make you look Scottish. It makes you look like a lame version of Nardwuar.

Sweatiest pavilion: Greek

The combination of June mugginess, huge crowds of people, and hot food guarantees that you regret wearing jeans and a white shirt. Maybe it’s the combination of intense dancing and souvlaki, or maybe it’s just that it was my last stop, but I was literally stuck in my clothes in the Greek pavilion.


Julie Dima

Production Manager

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