FIVE: Saskatchewan bands you should hear now


5 Foxwarren
If patience is a virtue, then Foxwarren are saints – their debut, Has Been Defeated, is full of well-paced, tightly-constructed, and catchy songs. Someone I know called them “windy rock”, and the term sticks.



 4  Factor
A prolific producer who’s worked with artists like Moka Only and Regina’s own Def 3, Factor has spent years in Saskatoon cranking out pop- and folk-influenced hip-hop tracks with a classic vibe; 2010’s Lawson Graham showcases his knack for turning vinyl crackles and pops into bass-heavy drum bonanzas.






3 Jeans Boots
It makes sense that Saskatoon’s Jeans Boots has played shows with Ontario-based guitar nerd Shotgun Jimmie. Boots (real name: Jeanette Stewart – she’s a Carillon alumnus!) shares Jimmie’s penchant for ramshackle guitar rock and quiet, pretty melodies.


2 Bright Black
Bright Black are fairly new, and they don’t have a record out yet, but when it drops it’ll be great. The punishing rhythm section, Henry Brass and Garrett Matheis (ex-Geronimo), backs up former Ghosts of Modern Man singer/guitarist Jonah Krieser on some seriously vicious math-rock.



1 Orbital Express
We’ve devoted a lot of press space to these guys, and for a reason – in Saskatchewan, they are the best at what they do. What you need to know, mostly, is that they write good riffs, and their pounding space-rock is almost all riffs.

John Cameron

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