Curling, Canada’s great winter sport

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A fun sport for all ages, with free options approaching

According to the Nigeria Curling Foundation website, Canada is the country where the “curling people” live. Why is that?  

Curling is a very popular sport. There are multiple ways to play curling with many different components involved, so it is a game everyone can play. Curling is a game that continues to grow in Regina, Saskatchewan.  

Curl Regina is a non-profit organization here in Regina that works to grow the love of the sport. According to the Curl Regina website home page, they are dedicated to supporting the members of the community by promoting the growth of the game and making it available to all levels and age groups in Regina.  

In fact, Curl Regina has a big event coming up soon. The 2024 Montana’s Brier is just around the corner! You can buy tickets online at Ticketmaster for the Brier and watch some curling from March 1-10.  

They have a great deal of ticket options. You can choose to buy tickets on Ticketmaster, which has a wide range of ticket options available on their website. You can choose to buy a single-draw ticket starting at $24, depending on where you would like to sit and who is playing. Alternatively, you can go all-out and buy a full event package starting at $486. I think it’s safe to say that anyone buying a full event package is a true curling fan. 

When purchasing your ticket, keep in mind that the event will be taking place at the Brandt Centre in Regina. A single-draw ticket, as stated on the Montana’s Brier 2024 webpage, is a single round when two teams compete against each other. You can choose which draw to attend based on the playdown results. Check out their website at and find tickets on the drop-down menu under “Tickets & Events” then “Tickets.” At the end of the ticket list will be Frequently Asked Questions for common questions on the tickets.  

Heading out to the 2024 Montana’s Brier will surely be a good time from the sidelines. However, they are still looking for some volunteers. On the 2024 Montana’s Brier website under the “Get Involved” tab, click “Volunteer.” Here, you can find all the details on how to get involved.  

According to their website, “Being a part of Curling Canada Championship behind the scenes is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it is one you can take advantage of! You’ll play a role in the success of an event and get access that ticket-buyers DON’T get!” Be sure to check out their website if this is something you are interested in.  

Let’s say you attend the Brier and now want to try curling. Well, Regina has a lot of options for you to give curling a shot. First, you should attend Curl Regina’s Learn to Curl event.  

Curl Regina is hosting a free opportunity for people to learn and try out curling for themselves. Check out their Facebook page for all the information, but they are offering curling sessions on February 10, 19, and 24 to learn how to curl. There is a link provided on their January 22 post to register.  

Their post says, “Don’t miss this incredible FREE opportunity to try Curling! Bring all your friends and family to see if you have what it takes to play the greatest sport in Canada!” Go register now before all their slots fill up!  

If you know how to curl but do not know where to play, it is time to look at programs and leagues.  

Under “Youth Programs” on Curl Regina’s website,, you can find a wide range of youth programs to choose from. These include “Curl 4 Kids” for children in grades 4 to 8, and the youth leagues “Juvenile” and “Novice.” The Juvenile Youth League is for those aged 18 and under, and the Novice League is for 15 and under. These leagues are mixed-team, and offer the opportunity to register as an individual, small group, or complete team.  

Curl Regina also offers the Viterra Blizzard program which is for children aged 5-8, grade 6 school programs, and high school programs. Check their website for all the details to ensure you enrol in the right one. 

If you are looking for an adult league option, the Highland Curling Club is one option for you. Recently, the Highland Curling Club set up an online booking system, making it easier than ever to book a time to go curl. Their calendar is found in the dropdown menu, so you can find a free timeslot on the calendar and book a time. They have lots of options, including Monday night Ladies Leagues, Wednesday night Ladies Leagues, Thursday Men’s Leagues, Friday night Fun Open Leagues, and a University of Regina Curling League. Currently, their leagues run from October to March. Hopefully, you can enroll next season. 

Even though leagues are currently in action, that does not mean you don’t get an opportunity to enjoy the game. On the Highland Curling Club website, you can click “Book Ice” and they have a booking system that may work for you. All members and non-members of the curling club can book the ice for any reason such as practice, hanging out with friends or family, or maybe an event. 

The booking system for booking ice at the Highland Curling Club appears quite easy to navigate. There are easy-to-read instructions on their homepage to follow for booking times. When booking, you must book for at least an hour and the fee is $20 an hour for one sheet.  

Curling with friends or family is sure to be a good time. Who knows, maybe one day you will join a league and be a part of your own bonspiel! 


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