Fear for the world


author: alexa lawlor staff writer

Finding love in the darkness. Credit: pexels.com

Love should be love, friends

I’m gonna get real here for a second, so hold on tight. I’m losing hope. No, you know what, maybe I’ve lost it entirely. I used to be the type of person that wanted to see the love in everything and believed that everyone had some good in them. Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, I’m beginning to realize that maybe I was wrong. Have I gotten more cynical? Have I just begun to see the world for what it is?

The human race has really managed to screw up the world. We are the only species (that we know of, I suppose) that can explain our thoughts through language. We have the right to make our own decisions, we can choose how we treat people and the world around us, we can decide whether we love people or hurt people, and most importantly, we pick whether we’re good people or bad people. There are way too many instances of humans making the wrong decisions in these cases, insulting other people, hurting other people, even killing other people.

I’m aware that it’s been this way throughout history, but I just feel like it keeps getting worse instead of better. Shouldn’t the human race be evolving in a good way? If only we could evolve to learn something useful, like figuring out how to love everyone unconditionally, or how to avoid accidentally hurting people with your words or actions. Unfortunately though, that’s probably just wishful thinking.

To quote Braden Barrie, also known as SayWeCanFly (Canadian singer/songwriter, he’s great, look him up), “I used to believe in love, but I got my hopes up, darling…so I don’t believe in love anymore.” I relate to this line more than anything ever, I think. Which is probably a little sad, and I honestly wish I didn’t feel it so much. I’ve come to think that love is this elusive thing, and even if you do manage to find it, if you don’t cherish it enough, you lose it and nothing breaks my heart more. To add in another song quote (I express everything that’s important to me through song lyrics, deal with it): “She was my once in a lifetime, happy ending come true. Oh, I guess I should have told her, I thought she knew.” I don’t know where I was going with this, I typed the lyrics down and then I sang the rest of the song and then I cried because that’s just what you do with that song, honestly.

Anyways! I believe that what I was going for was that love is a difficult thing. So, I suppose it’s easy to fall into the trap of hurting others because if you’re hurting someone else, you’re in control. If someone hurts you, you have no control and it hurts like hell. Whatever you do, don’t fall in that trap. Personally, I just close back off into myself and probably won’t talk to anyone for a while. Although, I don’t really think that option is a good idea either. Even though love means being vulnerable and love is difficult to take care of, it’s one of the most important things that we have in life. Love and hope. If you don’t even try to have either of those, then the world will just continue its descent into chaos.

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