Excitement mounting for Heritage Classic


author: Konstantin kharitonov | sports editor

This time in October, there will be an NHL rink on there / Wikimedia

NHL outdoor game has ticket release announced

Get ready to shell out a large sum of money to sit in cold October weather to see two NHL teams play on an outdoor rink built in the middle of Mosaic Stadium, because the National Hockey League has officially announced the date on which tickets will be available for the 2019 Heritage Classic. Tickets for the game, an Oct. 23, 2019 outdoor bout between the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets, will be available to purchase for the general public on April 25. 

While there is a bit of a wait before the official ticket prices are released to the general public, prices for Flames’ season ticket holders has been leaked, with the tickets ranging from $124.50 to $494.50, which follows status quo for events such as this 

Compared to what the Regina Pats tried to do just a year previous, this outdoor game is looking to be a successful endeavor. It’s scheduled for a time that does not fall in the middle of the winter and the prices are actually relative to the level of hockey. Granted, people would be willing to pay anything just to see NHL hockey anywhere in Saskatchewan, but it is nice to see that both teams are not expecting Stanley Cup Finalslevel of ticket prices for this game.  

Another aspect going for the game is the buyin from both teams and their executives. President and COO of the Flames John Bean and Jets Owner Mark Chipman both have their roots here in the inter-between province.  

“I expect there will be a lot of intensity,” Chipman said during the announcement of the game. ”With these outdoor games, there’s lots of pageantry but they’re real games.”  

“I know we have so many flames fans in Saskatchewan and it will be an exciting time to share the outdoor-game experience with them,” Bean said. “For one day only, we hope to have a sea of red in Regina and we all know we’re still green on the inside.” 

With Regina being almost dead centre inbetween Calgary and Winnipeg, the stadium is going to be split down the middle with fans coming in all over, and with both teams being close to the top of the standings, the game is going to be something that will be worth watching.  

So get ready, Regina sports fans, as a proper outdoor hockey game is finally coming to the city, and it will be actually worth the money.  


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