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There can be only one book. I mean king!

There can be only one book. I mean king!

Game of Thrones season 4 is coming

Article: Tatenda Chikukwa – Contributor

[dropcaps round=”no”]A[/dropcaps]pril 6 cannot come soon enough! The fourth season of Game of Thrones will be on and everyone in my life will become completely irrelevant for exactly one hour! Last season shocked us with some serious manning’s and killings. Who could forget the jaw dropping Red Wedding or the grotesque slashing of Jamie Lannister’s hand? There are so many alliances’ broken and heroic journeys to be undertaken in this new season.

Will this be the season we finally see Daenerys cross the narrow sea to kick ass in Kingslanding? Will we finally see Jon Snow get off his arse and support his brethren at the Wall and beyond? Will we see our pint-sized hero (Tyrion) regain his power and influence?

Will we see Cersei and Jamie continue to engage in the love so forbidden I dare not speak its name? And we damn sure better see some more white-walker action! Game of Thrones is really becoming like the Walking Dead by hiding all those white walkers!

I know there are some people out there too concerned with getting an education or whatever to care for Game of Thrones but for those that do, this day has been a long time coming. When asked why she loved the show, Soutchai Quangtakoune eloquently replied, “Soft porn on TV with battle scenes, treachery, witches, zombies, etc. etc…The many reasons I love watching and will continue to watch!”

Game of Thrones is like the cooler, older, juvenile delinquent brother to Lord of the Rings. We are unfortunately given ten episodes a season to divulge into this breath-taking fantasy world. I’ve never understood why HBO continues to set the series like this. There is far too much critical character development and rising action plots in the books.

Thankfully we’ve had George R.R. Martin’s wonderful book series to sustain us between seasons. The first and second books are almost the same as the television show except some character name changes and actions to better translate to television. For example, the character of Renly Baratheon is not presented as outwardly gay in books and there are changes in age to meet TV standards.

All in all, nothing too drastic to alter the overall plots of the novels. Engineering student Michelle Kenny is one of those many excited fans that reads the books.

“I think my favorite character is Tyrion, the dwarf. In the book, you see more of his insecure side and his methods of coping. Since he has so much working against him, he’s become outwardly strong and quick witted.”

The books are a must-read even if you are not a bookworm. Martin’s writing is easy to read, insanely descriptive and filled with very complex characters. Don’t be intimidated by the thickness of the book. You will meet a cast of very interesting, conflicted, manipulative and seductive characters.

The books tell the story from different character viewpoints. Martin excellently writes the different characters mannerisms and personalities. I, like Kenny, enjoy the hilariously funny and comedic narrative of Tyrion Lannister. His sarcastic and satirical word-of-phrase will have you chuckling in the face of death.

Currently, there are five books in the series, but Martin has said he could be writing another two. There is some rumor he originally plotted the series as a trilogy so we many never know when the series will end. I just hope the 65-year-old lives long enough to complete the series.

Martin has said that the filming is so intense that the series could surpass the books and possibly result in a feature film for the final book(s). Kenny isn’t interested in that at all.

“I don’t think I would like the story done in movie form. There is just way too much information to go through in that short amount of time. Honestly, each book could be two seasons if they wanted.”

Whether it’s on TV or film, Game of Thrones is absolutely captivating and fascinating. One moment you are rooting for the underdogs and then you’re basking in the glory of the villains’ evil deeds. I suggest you quickly catch up on the series because this season will certainly be the most action-packed and dramatic of them all.

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