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Laying down sick beats./ Nathan McCarville

Orkestrate kicks off the Sutherland bar’s last weekend 

Kicking off the Halloween party weekend in Saskatoon with some bangin’ tunes was Spencer Brightman’s DJ set, otherwise known as his alter-ego’s alias, Orkestrate. Orkestrate provided the music for the last Friday night that the Sutherland Bar will see in its lifetime. The venue, which has been given the endearing nickname of “The Scuzz,” is due to close on Oct. 30, 2018, becoming an office building after the building’s ownership changes hands. Previous to the extreme change of the pace for the building, the Sutherland Bar went out with a banger in its last weekend of operations.  

The atmosphere of the small sized bar provided a compact location for the party that Orkestrate brought with his set list of EDM bangers mixed with pop remixes. The compact venue mixed with the influences of comical disguises and the dancing crowd made for a disorienting set, amplifying the party atmosphere and the energy that the music provided.  

Talking with Orkestrate after the event, I was able to ask him a few things about his set.  


How did you feel about the event? 

After being asked to play the event, it was exciting to know that the last Halloween that the Sutherland bar was going to hold was going to be one for the books. With the strong focus to draw on Sutherland bar’s nostalgia among the Saskatoon community, the event was one you didn’t want to miss out on. 


How did you feel about your set when it ended? 

After one hour of pure intensity behind the decks and on the mic, the room was electric and full of smiles and laughter. The hours of preparation leading up to this event were nerve-racking, stressful, but all in all well worth it and I can’t wait to be back in Saskatoon in 2019 for another ragger.  


How does your mindset change when you step on stage?  

One focus is to have the balance of reminiscing with friends beforehand while having the nerves and butterflies put on hold, the other focus being that it’s time to bring the energy to a peak and ride that wave through and through leaving people wanting more. 


Do you become more “Orkestrate” rather than yourself during your sets like the one you played tonight? 

I definitely come out as the music buff I am. I fully embrace the weirdness and goofiness/carefree mindset where you let the music consume you and share that with everyone. I visualize the best case scenarios and seeing them pan out while taking risks to not only challenge myself but be unique as a performer. 


What are the main influences of your mixes?  

The main influences to my mixes are that I grew up listening to older music like Prince and all of that funky stuff. Shifting the attention over to the dance music culture has allowed me to express old and new interests, incorporating groovy basslines and fun vocal hooks that keep the crowd on edge. 


So, any plans for the near future?
Continue to work on music production as the winter months come as the events slow down and it is a good opportunity to refocus and find a creative space. Early news of me being back in Saskatoon for New Year’s Eve is the rumour around town. 



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