Combining the new and old

Forever 21 – always sleek and stylish.

Forever 21 – always sleek and stylish.

Forever 21 has a new style

Article: Kaitlynn Nordal – Contributor

[dropcaps round=”no”]F[/dropcaps]or this season’s Look Book, Forever 21 channelled the 1960s and 1980s. They do have more retro items such as ‘80s vintage tees, acid washed ripped jeans, and varsity jackets.

This season, more than ever, they are all about the bohemian look. This is a very simple look to achieve with only three or four pieces, depending on what a person prefers. The first thing that is needed is a nice flower headband. Pair this with one of the newest dresses from Forever 21 in their newest line. They come in many bright colours but are longer, so keep that in mind if you are on the shorter side. The final thing needed for this look is a pair of gladiator sandals.

Joe Denis is a former student at the Art Institute in Vancouver who sat down with the Carillon to talk about Forever 21’s newest designs.

What do you think of the Marvel comic book character clothing?

JD: It’s so sweet. I personally think it is actually really cool. I approve. Designers such as Jeremy Scott use pop culture references in their work all the time. This is best way to combine the two best worlds and cross promotes.

Crop tops paired with overalls: yay or nah?

JD: Jean overalls mixes country and city. We have seen a lot of overall reinvention over the last few years, so I say ‘hell yeah’ to this idea.

Are the high-wasted shorts, pants and skirts a good idea or something that should be gone?

JD: Sex appeal sells at the end of the day. I actually studied clothing trends in school and since we put a modern twist on them, they should stay.

Forever 21 is all about the Bohemian look this season. Is this something that should have been left in the 1960s?

JD: I personally admire this style, so I think it should stay around. It is totally like Forever 21 to pair a Bohemian style with gladiators

The ‘90s called and want their black crop top with grey and white plaid back. Should we just give up and design a new look?

JD: I love using vintage from the ‘90s. After studying trends, I think it’s good to use old trends and reinvent.

Forever 21’s newest thing is their skater skirt. Although it is more casual, this skirt can be dressed up and worn formally.

JD: The newest line of dresses is mostly white. To combat this, pair it with a form fitting pleather jacket, and bright coloured shoes and jewellery.

Their newest stuff has a lot of lace on it. Make a crochet tank-top a little fancier with a pair of floral print shorts. If you want more of a bohemian look on a more plain lace dress, add a layered charm necklace and gladiator sandals. If you have a lace shirt in your closet that you want to wear again, pair it with pastel pumps and high wasted skinny jeans for a bit of a retro look. This summer, to dress up a pair of cut offs, pair it with a nice lace shirt or cardigan.

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