Combatting the effects of burnout

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Suggestions for how to prevent the onset of burnout and how to care for yourself when you’re experiencing it

by rayanne gwilliam, contributor

Essays, exams, extracurriculars, expectations; we juggle them all throughout the year. When there’s a collection of them all piling together, it’s impossible to not notice the growing mountain and not be impacted by it. There’s so much scheduling and planning that goes into determining what is due when, how long it should take to complete, etc. Unfortunately, time management and estimations don’t exactly work well together, since one of them is usually wrong. Not to mention that having full access to your whole year schedule and having it well organized enough to recall everything is a feat I doubt many have mastered.

Inevitability, once you get it done and over with you start the whole process over again, which feels a little counterproductive. However, combatting the problem before it becomes one can help somewhat. A tip on how to do that? Don’t wait until the last minute to do assignments – easier said than done, I know. Keeping class assignment lists like a lifeline helps, and so does accessing the Student Success Centre, as they are there to help you succeed. Another thing is to use the University of Regina’s app. It has a lot of useful features to keep you organized, like a schedule, and all you need is your phone.

Keep a look out for events and special classes offered through the Student Success Centre, as there may be something helpful to you in getting things done in a timelier manner. Don’t overlook events that are hosted by the school or student groups and allow yourself to go have fun at those, too.

Side note – many of us work while in school, often retail due to the hours we can be available. However, a stressful job prone to burnout doesn’t help. While working in a retail location is often necessary, I highly recommend you try to get a position that consists mostly of background work with as minimal requirements for dealing with customers as possible.

Another thing is to find an outlet when you are dealing with the uncomfortable feelings that contribute to burnout, or just other unpleasant emotions. Whether it’s listening to music, spending time in nature, with family, friends, or a pet; having a hobby like painting, video games, tinkering with something, etc. It is important to have something to channel these feelings into.

Now let’s say you’ve done these things and you still manage to hit the jackpot – lucky you – and you’re experiencing burnout anyway. Some things to keep in mind: it’s natural to feel, especially when you’re juggling a lot of tasks. There’s nothing wrong with you for experiencing it, or anything else like it for that matter. Even if you’re struggling, you’re still fully capable of being satisfied with your life, the degree of help you need regarding that doesn’t matter.

Despite this, feeling and/or feelings of burnout suck. What else can be done about them? One of the biggest things is taking a break from what’s causing you to feel burnt out. If doing anything makes you feel burnt out, then do nothing. Take a nap, watch some Netflix, meditate, whatever, just relax yourself. If you can, consider going to a spa for some special treatment: a message, facial, manicure, pedicure, etc. If you’re still struggling don’t be afraid or ashamed to talk to a therapist, or a counsellor. Sometimes a professional’s opinion helps a lot in making you feel validated.


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