CD Review – Twin Shadow: Forget


Twin Shadow

Pitchfork’s new golden child is the mysterious George Lewis Jr., a.k.a. Twin Shadow. As mystifying as his music is, even less is known about the man himself. His MySpace page is vague and he lacks a Wikipedia page – which is odd for a Pitchfork favorite. His recently released album, Forget, is getting major hype from everywhere. Twin Shadow has been compared to major ’80s pop heavyweights such as Echo and the Bunnymen, the Police, and Morrisey. The album was made in hotel rooms and later produced in a church by Grizzly Bear’s Christopher Taylor.

Fittingly, Forget is filled with tracks that have the ethereal feeling of a church – with stretched out sounds that breathe with the essence and comfort of a bedroom all over top of a cool ’80s style backbeat. It sounds complicated but the music is blissfully simple.'

In keeping with the theme of the album – the combination of lazy but still completely formed songs creates ghostly sounds that are utterly encapsulating. Even stranger about this unknown man is that he is offering $1 downloads on his website, so you have no excuse not to have a brand new study album for finals.

Kelly Malone

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