CD Review – Jason Collett: Pony Tricks


Jason Collett
Pony Tricks
Arts and Crafts

Pony Tricks is a very basic and stripped-down album. It features simple recordings of acoustic or piano tunes without elaborate effects or editing. Most tracks feature only one or two guitars, the odd piano, and minimalist, infrequent percussion. Pony Tricks removes any fancy aesthetics from Collett’s music and strips it down to what the essentials are: a simple vocal melody with basic accompanying backing chords. However, it should be noted that stripped-down is not be confused with lacking or inadequate. There is enough instrumentation and harmony to support the songs, but never is there more than what’s absolutely necessary.

All of the songs are re-workings of previous Jason Collett songs (except for “Pulling the Sun Down” and “My Daddy Was a Rock n’ Roller”). These new renditions provide new insights into songs that may otherwise not have been noticed on previous records. Despite having only two new tracks, the album is never boring. The songs are played in such a different manner that they have the feeling that they are new songs.

Jason Collett’s Pony Tricks is a heartfelt acoustic folk album that never does more than is needed to convey the emotions that the songs evoke.

Christian Hardy
A&C Editor


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