CD Review – Syd Barrett: An Introduction to Syd Barrett


Syd Barrett
An Introduction to Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett is known more for his legendary drug-induced psychosis and a brief – though highly influential – stint in the original lineup of Pink Floyd than he was for his own songwriting abilities. The late singer-songwriter lived in a world of sweet, mild whimsy that was permanently clouded by the dark side of psychedelic drugs. An Introduction contains some of the best songs from this troubled troubadour’s solo records, such as “Terrapin,” “Dark Globe,” and “Dominoes,” as well as early Barrett-penned Pink Floyd classics like “Bike” and “Effervescent Elephant.”

What makes this album stand out from previous collections of Barrett’s material is the love and attention to detail that clearly went into re-mastering this release. David Gilmour oversaw the production of the compilation, and the attention to detail in the audio fidelity is phenomenal. Also, with a nice gatefold spread and Storm Thorgerson’s psychedelic art, the packaging for this release really stands out. If you’ve never been introduced to Barrett’s music before, either through Pink Floyd or David Gilmour’s covers of his songs, then this collection is the perfect place to begin.

Christian Hardy
A&C Editor

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