CD Review – Incubus: If Not Now, When?


If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When? is Incubus’ first release since their hiatus in 2008. The album is probably the least energetic out of their catalogue. Guitars are mixed low and are used more to create an atmosphere than a melody. While I can give credit to a band for wanting to keep expanding their musical boundaries so as not to end up rewriting the same record, I must discredit them for writing a record that is predominantly boring. “Adolescents” and “Switchblade” are the only two tracks that seem to have a hook strong enough to keep the listener entertained for four minutes straight. There are bits and pieces of songs other songs that are interesting and that you think might lead to something better, but it seldom amounts to anything. Altogether, If Not Now, When? is disappointing coming from a band that can create some rather interesting songs. Listeners will likely be wondering if not now, when is Incubus going to return to writing interesting songs?

Paul Bogdan

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