The scrunchie cometh

Image: Kyle Leitch

Image: Kyle Leitch

Article: Destiny Kaus – A&C Writer

What do I see when I go to the store to buy bobby pins? Scrunchies! They are quickly filling up the hair aisles in numerous stores. It’s true; scrunchies are making a comeback and I love it.

Back in the 80s and 90s, scrunchies took the world by storm. And now, people worldwide, including London fashion designers, university students, famous athletes, and university athletes are rocking the scrunchie once again. I think this is fabulous because scrunchies are both stylish and incredibly practical.

Some may say that scrunchies are old-school, ugly hair accessories. I beg to differ. Scrunchies are dang stylish. They come in so many different designs and colours, it’s remarkable. Amazon, Ebay, American Apparel, Claire’s, and Scunci also offer opportunities to buy scrunchies online. I think these bunched up little pieces of fabric can accent almost any hairstyle or outfit to perfection, just like a flowery hair clip or headband can.

According to MCS London, a scrunchie-selling design company, scrunchies can suit any woman at any age. They display pictures of small children, teenagers, and adults loving life while showing off various scrunchies. If I ever have children, I may just force them to wear scrunchies because they are so darn cute!

One can wear a scrunchie in a high ponytail, low ponytail, long ponytail, short ponytail, and even a bun. Talk about versatile. Who cares if wearing a scrunchie is an ‘old style’? If it’s this versatile why not wear it proudly?

Whenever I take a jaunt down the University of Regina hallways, I see scrunchies lurking around every corner. This makes me happy. I love how young ladies feel confident enough to tie their hair back with a sweet looking scrunchie. I believe people gain a sense of accomplishment when they take part in a becoming fashion trend. Believe it or not, scrunchies can help build up self-esteem in this sense.

Last year, in the 2012 Summer Olympics, even female gymnastics athletes across the globe used scrunchies. According to the USA Olympic team, Lindsey Green made the scrunchie famous. Also, Olympics photographers documented numerous sightings of the scrunchie amidst the Canadian female gymnastics team. These young ladies wore matching bright red scrunchies with white flowers.

I think it’s truly fantastic that these celebrities utilized the scrunchies’ full potential, because it shows just how practical a scrunchie is. What’s better than using a hair elastic to hold back a head of hair while it tumbles across a gymnastic mat, summersaults across the floor, and twists and turns high above ground level? Using a scrunchie!

Pinterest exclaims that ponytail holders hurt; they yank at women’s hair and sometimes create a tangled mess when ladies want to set their ponytail free. Scrunchies are so awesome because they do not do this. Since a scrunchie is basically a hair elastic enveloped in loose, scrunched-up folds of cloth, the cloth outer layer hugs one’s hair instead of the gnarly elastic. Do athletes really want to deal with their throbbing head as their ponytail holder tugs at their hair and annoys the crap out of them during a game or performance? I don’t think so! I believe scrunchies offer an athlete an opportunity to perform pain-free.

Even at a University level, student athletes have embraced the scrunchie once again. As an athlete myself, I noticed that many gals on my University of Regina Cougar softball team wore scrunchies this season. I think this is great; female athletes can have some laughs comparing scrunchies and also feel part of a team when they all wear matching scrunchies.

Ultimately, all the haters out there will have to deal with reality. The scrunchie is coming back because the scrunchie rules.

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