CD Review – Cut Copy: Zonoscope


Cut Copy

At 7 a.m., when it’s time to put your long johns on under your pants and your ski pants over them, it often takes some motivational morning music to inspire you to ever leave your covers at all. Cut Copy’s new album Zonoscope does just that. Their 2008 album In Ghost Colours was an entire album of anthems. To this day a weekend at O’Hanlon’s is sure to contain “Hearts on Fire” at least three times. The new album is a step forward. Rather than separate anthem-inspiring tracks, this album works best as a whole. Cut Copy carefully and thoughtfully move between genres, ideas, and dispositions, still able to possess their signature dance floor momentum. It appears that they’ve developed their sound, and rather than sticking to the easy catchy pop anthems they have decided to become more serious. This new attitude is highlighted by the grand finale, “Sun God”, a 15 minute-long groove that inevitably morphs into a nearly metaphysical prog rock sound. On top of it all, the Zonoscope album cover may be the coolest album art to be seen in a long time.

Kelly Malone

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