CD Review – Cults: S/T


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Sometimes, when you finally have a sunny day in Saskatchewan, you just need to bring the boombox outside and frolic. Last spring, around this time, I was first introduced to Cults’ single “Go Outside”. Since those few backyard dance parties the duo had kept a low profile, but then June rolled in and there they were again, bombarding the Internet with their upbeat synthed-out pop. It’s clear why their self-titled debut bears the imprint of Lily Allen’s new label: you can hear a bit of cheese that could exist synonymously with Allen’s work. Yet they are able to avoid going over the top with pop through the perfect combination of Madeline Follin’s childish vocals and Brian Oblivion’s instrumentation. It is able to sound both DIY and polished at the same time, with a fun vibe shown off best by “Abducted”. The album runs about 30 minutes long, which seems just enough to leave suspense for where Cults will go next. I don’t always admit my guilty backyard dance pleasures – I usually save it for the neighbours – but this is an album to share on a sunny day.

Kelly Malone

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