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Students make use of the new dental services

Recently, a dentist office has opened up on the University of Regina campus, giving students access to affordable and efficient dental care.

University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) executive Derrick Gagnon, vice president of operations and finance, says that “It has definitely been a success.”

“Over this past year there has been significantly more claims of student dental work. In previous years, standard increases in claims has been around 100 claims. In the most recent year, 16/17, dental claims increased by over 300 claims,” states Gagnon.

According to URSU’s website, they have “partnered with Studentcare in order to provide students with extended health and dental coverage.”

Luckily, most students qualify for the program and, therefore, can be covered.

URSU assures that students on the U of R campus as well as First Nations University of Canada campus who take nine or more Fall semester credit hours “should be automatically covered.”

Luckily, such a plan seems to have been working.

“The CD [Campus Dentist] is put on campus as a convenience to students, as a union that cares for our students we care for the students well-being,” Gagnon explains.

“Having a dentist on campus helps eliminate the transportation barrier for students to access dental care.”

The office, located on the second floor of the Dr. William Riddell Centre, has provided a location for steady business, allowing for more success.

“Our CD benefits non-resident students, again, being convenient by scheduling their appointments before, after, or in between classes,” Gagnon continues. “More students are accessing the dental office because of the convenient location so we are proud that this service is improving the student experience.”

On the Campus Dentist website, they claim, “Your experience will be captivating,” as well as a list of services that they offer such as checkups and cleaning, fillings, and wisdom teeth removal, amongst others.

They also assure that insurance plans other than just Studentcare plans are accepted.

They also proudly mention that their founding dentist Dr. Dean Gaber “stars in television series Rags to Red Carpet.”

They include a link to an episode on their website.

They also don’t shy away from speaking about the style of their station, describing it as “ultra-chic modern interiors” with “fashionable staff” and “advanced digital technology.”

Their office hours are also listed, closing times ranging from 4-7 p.m., and opening times from 9-11 a.m.

If one is interested in getting an appointment, they can do it both online at or by phone at (306) 352-1060. To register online, there are a total of 11 questions that must be answered beforehand.

Questions about Studentcare coverage can be addressed to URSU at or by visiting the front desk in the Riddell Centre.

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