CD Review – Teen Top: Transform


Teen Top
T.O.P. Media

Korean records are much different than those in the West. Artists will put out one or two releases a year. Those usually consist of only five songs, three being mostly instrumental. This continues until the artist gains enough popularity or recognition to produce an album with more songs or with the same amount but no instrumentals. Teen Top are still little fish in the big sea of the K-pop industry. So ignore the three instrumental tracks on Transform and focus your attention on the fast-paced, catchy rhythms of “Supa Luv” and “Angel”. Although the Autotune drowns out their voices at times, you can still clearly hear their budding talent through the electronic beats. Compared to their debut album, Come Into The World, they’ve certainly tried a new approach. With the softer and more Backstreet Boys-feeling “Angel”, this new approach leads them away from the strong lyrics and emotion of their first album. And that’s not a good thing. "Supa Luv" is good for something catchy to dance to but if you’re looking for lyrics and emotion I’d definitely backtrack to their older music.

Megan Narsing

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