Brodie Moniker at the Mercury reviewed


author: mason sliva contributor

The Mercury played vibrant and atmospheric host to a wild night. | Photo credit: Brodie Moniker album cover

Tiger Charmer and Bad Comrade round out a big night in local music.

On February 10, alt-rockers Tiger Charmer and Bad Comrade supported a solo acoustic set by local rising star Brodie Moniker. See their sets reviewed below.

Tiger Charmer

Music: 4 stars out of 5 Performance: 3.5 stars out of 5 Overall: 7.5 stars out of 10

These guys rock. Their sound packs a serious stoner-rock punch that will appeal to anyone, stoner or not. The band’s lead singer, Travis Rennebohm, perfectly complements this heavy rock style, and it is difficult not to enjoy his fierce screams. As well, the band’s guitar, bass, and drums provided by Ethan Bender, Landon Leibel, and Tyler Cyca respectively blend together to create a sound heavy enough to match Travis’s primal tone.

Unfortunately, the Mercury is known for its great vibes, and not so much for its sound system, which certainly showed. It appeared as though the sound in the venue was not able to match the power being brought on stage by the group, and it left some to be desired. However, this is not by any fault of the group themselves, and future shows at better-sounding venues will handle their sound much better. As with any band’s debut set, there will be slight hiccups, and Tiger Charmer is no different.

The band’s closing song, while in a unique time signature, was difficult to rock out to and left me wanting at least one more song. As well, the band could have better utilized the crowd, and a mosh pit was surprisingly absent from the set. Negatives aside, Tiger Charmer’s debut was one of the most energetic and downright fun stage debuts that I have witnessed. I am very excited to see where they can take their sound.

Bad Comrade

Music: 4 stars out of 5 Performance: 4 stars out of 5 Overall: 8 stars out of 10

This was my first time catching a set by local three-piece Bad Comrade, and I am still unsure what to think. The band is considered a staple in the Regina’s alternative music scene, and they certainly brought a powerful set. However, in a way, I felt as though their sound possesses many similarities to the other alternative rock groups in the city, and in a sense, was left feeling as if I had heard their sound played many times before. However, the band still provided an entertaining set.

Drums provided by Kurtis Rothecker perfectly suited the music without becoming a distraction, and frontmen Chris Ebel and Stephen Macauley provided a powerful sound for the audience to grasp onto. The set began with Stephen shredding on guitar, and Chris bringing some weight on bass. The two switched instruments halfway through the set, which I found quite entertaining. Both musicians are proficient at guitar and bass, and the switch was wonderfully executed. Together the three have a clearly refined sound that is attained only through extensive gigging, and it was quite entertaining to witness a band that can be truly described as “tight”.

While some songs were truly ground-breaking, I felt as though the set was somewhat forgettable, and could have been improved. The band possesses quite the reputation, and I was expecting more out of their set. However, the band did a great job of engaging the audience, and I will reserve any further judgement until I get the opportunity to view Bad Comrade again.

Brodie Moniker

Music: 4.5 stars out of 5 Performance: 4.5 stars out of 5 Overall: 9 stars out of 10

Following up these two high-energy groups is no easy task, but Brodie stole the show. Instead of trying to outdo them, Brodie pulled a complete 180 and performed a solo acoustic set comprised simply of him and his guitar.

Usually, I do not enjoy solo acoustic shows, and headlining an energy-packed show on the weekend is usually not the time for one. That being said, Brodie has such a charming sound that the whole venue couldn’t help but stop and stare. With a perfect mix of playful and emotional tunes, Brodie was able to steal my heart. Masterful playing of his guitar intertwined with beautiful vocals dripping with emotion created an extremely memorable set that was the absolute perfect length.

Brodie Moniker is a must-see act who is able to create a new sense of wonder with every note that he plays. Words cannot express the power that Brodie’s song writing brings, and I will leave his music to do the rest of the talking.

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