Brad Wall’s popularity plummets


author: kristian ferguson | news editor

Credit: Ella Mikkola


This marks his lowest approval ratings in years

On April 3, Postmedia/Mainstreet Research published a poll conducted with Saskatchewan residents in relation to their stance on Brad Wall. What was revealed was some of Wall’s lowest numbers in his entire time as premier.

Brad Wall, according to the poll, is polling at 46 per cent approval and 45 per cent disapproval. This is a considerably large drop for Wall who, just in October, was polling at 52 per cent approval and 45 per cent disapproval.

David Vaentin, the Executive Vice-President of Mainstreet research was quoted in a release on their website saying, “These are very different numbers for Brad Wall than what we usually see.”

The official opposition, the New Democrats Party [NDP] is currently the leading party in terms of approval in both Regina and Saskatoon as well.

While Wall is still essentially neutral in terms of his own popularity, individual aspects of the 2017/2018 budget are exceedingly unpopular.

51 per cent of people polled are against the closure of the Saskatchewan Transit Company [STC], 66 per cent against the increase to the Provincial Sales Tax [PST], and, in light of recent protests by Students Mobilizing Against Cuts [SMAC], 49 per cent are against the budget cuts to post-secondary institutions and libraries.

It has become clear that, largely, there is an aspect of this budget that someone is going to be displeased with. Amidst protest and mobilization by people losing their jobs, students, labour unions, and everyday citizens of Saskatchewan, Wall has been under the microscope for all the actions he has committed to in this budget.

This is not to say that Wall is completely down and out, though. Wall still polled relatively well with rural residents in comparison to urban residents. Wall has classically won elections through rural voters.

For example, 68 per cent of Regina residents feel that the government will be unsuccessful in renegotiating public sector contracts, while 67 per cent of rural residents said that the government will be successful.

While this poll is clearly not the nail in the coffin for Brad Wall, it does show a significant change in the way the people of Saskatchewan view him. Whether or not this poll holds true in coming years, especially closer to a provincial election, remains to be seen.

This budget could very well be what makes or breaks the Sask. Party in the next election.


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