Being new isn’t always easy


New students finding ways to adapt to life at the University of Regina

Maureen Mugerwa

We have all had our experiences when it comes to being a new student on campus. Whether we were scared, excited, or just overwhelmed, being a new student comes with all sorts of emotions.

The University of Regina has great places where new students can come together and meet people. You can join intramurals, clubs, and even sit on the green during welcome week and enjoy the different activities.

Welcome Week is another way that new students can come together and meet people from different countries with various backgrounds. Welcome Week, which is geared towards familiarizing new students to the U of R, is scheduled to take place at the beginning of the fall semester. Students from all over the world are to have the opportunity to participate in various activities aimed at bringing people together.

For some people, campus life is not always what they would expect it to be, especially in their first year. Everyone experiences first year differently.

For Nkesi Uchendu, a first-year student from Nigeria, campus life at the moment feels different than she first expected.

“Since it is summer, it is empty everywhere,” she said. “I don’t really get the Canadian feeling because it is mostly international students until the fall semester”.

Uchendu has found the campus to be a very helpful place.

“I got help from residence services, UR International office, fellow international students, teaching assistants, and professors,” she said.

She thinks students present themselves with a helpful and friendly attitude.

Other students may experience their first year differently than Uchendu. People often feel intimidated because university is different from high school. It’s not always easy to find your way around campus, especially as a new person.

Austin Speers, a Regina product, is going into his second year in the fall, said “it was easy to adjust, but trying to find classes was difficult sometimes.”

The first week of classes can be hectic for new students, especially students from abroad.

Uchendu is intimidated by the thought of falling behind.

“Catching up would be hard because high school in Africa is different from high school in Canada,” she said. “I thought it would be a different ball game altogether.”

For those who worry, there are different places on campus where new students can receive help.

For example, the University of Regina student union could offer to look at the housing registry if a student needs a place to live. The career center, located in the first floor of the Riddell Center, could help new students find a part-time job while in school. The U of R International student’s office, located in College West, could supply students from abroad with on and off campus resources. UR International also has a wide range of activities where new students can come together, have some fun, and meet other people who are new to the university.

So, while the fall session is fast approaching, students can feel more at ease about entering university.

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  1. Heidi 19 August, 2011 at 10:50

    I remember when I first started out….I hated every minute of campus life…I just did not get it…But today Im content…..Lovely story

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