Happy birthday, Rebellion


author: ethan williams | staff writer

Rebellion Brewing on Dewdney Avenue celebrated three years of business with an anniversary party last week/Jaecy Bells

Rebellion celebrates with anniversary bash

Regina’s Rebellion Brewing has seen a lot of success since it opened three years ago. The brewery, located on Dewdney Avenue in the city’s Warehouse District, has attracted many beer drinkers over the years, and just celebrated its third anniversary with a celebration from November 2 to 4. Dave Holowaty is the brewery manager and spoke to the Carillon about their party.

“This is an annual celebration we do, just to do something fun for our clients and all of our customers. It’s a good chance for us to bring in some good catering, some local music, and gives us a chance to brew some unique beers for the course of the weekend.”

Holowaty says that things haven’t changed much since the first anniversary party two years ago.

“We haven’t switched up the formula too much, but we just try to keep it exciting with lots of different varieties of music and beer and food, just to try and get as many people out as we can.”

He also says that the owners of the establishment, as well as the management staff, were the ones that had the original idea to hold an anniversary party, and says it’s a way for the brewery to celebrate their accomplishments over the past year.

The event included three things: food, beer, and music. Holowaty told us all about the tantalizing treats they had for festival-goers.

“It’s a three-day festival, kind of a mini festival, if you want to call it that. Every day we featured a local caterer, so Thursday we had Chef Malcolm serving his British-style pastries, and Friday we had a food truck that was doing a few different kinds of burritos and ceviche. Then on Saturday, our good friends at Butcher Boy on Park Street did a whole pig roast for us, and we had pig on a bun, coleslaw, and apples.”

Several local musicians also took the stage at the Dewdney Avenue brewery including Tiger Charmer, and Johnny Two Fingers and the Deformities on Thursday; Broadway and Wallace, and Black Thunder on Friday; and a whole afternoon of music on Saturday, which included acts such as The Accomplice, Let There Be Theremin, and The Classy Chassys.

Holowaty also mentioned the types of alcohol that were on tap, which were unique to the event.

“We did three unique cask beers every day. Cask beer is a small batch of beer served the traditional way in a small firkin or a tap carbonated naturally, and then you have to actually hammer the tap into it.”

He says they will be doing it all again next year, and that they hope to be bigger and better. When asked if they already have plans in the works, Holowaty said they will be starting to think about it soon.

“We’re all just kind of unwinding from the weekend, and then we’ll probably start thinking about it in the new year.”

Aside from the birthday celebrations, Rebellion has had a fairly successful run in the city so far, with their drinks being served at many popular establishments. Holowaty says Rebellion has a lot of unique things to offer.

“I think it’s just the demand from the people. They want to support local, and that’s becoming more and more important to the people of Regina. We also offer a lot of variety, so we’re not just serving one style of beer. We’ve got something for everybody, whether it’s your light lawnmower beer to your strong bourbon barrel-aged dark beer, we’ve got a little bit of it all.”

As for upcoming events, Holowaty mentioned a few that they are excited to be putting on.

“This week we have an around-the-world cheese and beer pairing. That’s on November 8. That’s with Takeaway Gourmet. She brings in all kinds of cool cheeses from around the world and we’re pairing them with our beers. Then on November 15, we’re having a hotdog-eating contest for a Movember fundraiser, and then coming up in December we have a record sale. We do record sales four or five times a year.”

Holowaty says the record sale includes all types of music.

“It’s a lot of these guys that travel around with their private collections and what not, so you get everything from punk, to blues, new wave, rock, metal, indie, whatever.”

If you are interested in checking out these events, or just stopping in for one of their unique beers, you can find Rebellion at 1901 Dewdney Avenue, or head to their website to find a location that serves their drinks: rebellionbrewing.ca.


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