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The Little Black Book Project gets going for its third year

Robyn Tocker

It’s that time of year again. Stress over projects and tests are crashing down on the fair students on campus. Luckily, there is a shining light to save us from the dreary October weather, The Little Black Book Project. For a third year, creator Angel McDowell, is starting the collaborative art project once again. For those new to campus, or who simply haven’t heard of it before, the project consists of going to visit McDowell in the Riddell Centre lower level visual arts room 022 and purchasing a little black book. With said book, you have a theme hidden inside, and with that theme, you create your own book.

“Anything goes. It does not have to look like a book when finished,” said McDowell.

Participants have until the end of February to finish their book. This year, people who return their completed books have a chance to win a tablet. McDowell hopes that this initiative will convince more students to submit their books to the Arts Store in February.

Since last year, interest in the project has grown on campus. Anyone who is interested can participate, which makes an excellent outlet for those who are starting to feel the mid-semester blues and “for people who want to be involved in something creative and collaborative on campus,” McDowell said.

“Anything goes. It does not have to look like a book when finished." – Angel McDowell

Because of the fantastic support of the Fine Arts staff and participants in past years, there are now 50 new themes being added, which McDowell is excited to see interpreted. With the expectation of more participants this year, there are going to be some changes. This year there is a limit of 150 books for sale until the end of November.

Also, besides the prize of a tablet, there will also be workshops offered to keep participants motivated during the months the project is running. Participants can learn techniques for how the creatively design their books. The workshops will be held in the Art Store with dates and times to be announced on their blog,

This year, in a similar light to The Little Black Book Project , the Dunlop Gallery is doing their own collaborative art project, but instead of offering a black book, a sketchbook is used and they are free. Instead of a creative feud boiling, McDowell is “encourage[ing] people to check out both … The great thing about creativity is that there is always room for more. Having multiple opportunities for people to become involved at the community level is fantastic.”

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