Austin Vs. Chamblin

The CFL Coaches speak to the media

The CFL Coaches speak to the media

Grey Cup 101 kicks off with coaches press conference

Article: Autumn McDowell – Sports Editor

The Grey Cup 101 media frenzy officially kicked off Wednesday morning as opposing coaches Kent Austin and Corey Chamblin squared off.

The press conference was filled with the usual talk of star running backs, former foes, and gratitude, but this one had something a little different than normal. Something X-rated.

Hamilton Ti-Cats under the command of former Rider Quarter Back and Coach, Kent Austin /Arthur Ward

Hamilton Ti-Cats under the command of former Rider Quarter Back and Coach, Kent Austin

This year’s Grey Cup is full of ample amounts of story lines that all of the media in attendance were feeding off of. Having Hamilton Tiger-Cats coach Austin back to face his former Saskatchewan Roughriders team, which he led to a championship victory just years prior, is something that was immediately targeted.

Plastered on the wall of Mosaic Stadium’s main entrance is a 100-foot tall homage to Austin, of course this comes just after passing through the parking lot that is still named after him. While these constant reminders of former coaches may be annoying to some, Chamblin found a clever way to avoid Austin’s legacy.

“I actually come in the other way,” he said.

 And with that, the press conference moved from a serious energy to that of a fun and joking spirit.

Playing in a game of this magnitude at home in front of 40, 000 screaming fans is something that only happens once in a life time. For Austin, coming in as the visitor in hostile territory, this is an all too familiar place for him.

Since it has already been proven that Austin had what it takes to lead the Roughriders to a Grey Cup victory, he offered some words of wisdom to young coach Chamblin if he wants to do the same.

L-R: Kent Austin (Hamilton), Corey Chamblin (Regina)

L-R: Kent Austin (Hamilton), Corey Chamblin (Regina)

“To get their players as unprepared as possible,” Austin said jokingly.
One of the biggest question marks heading into Sunday’s big game is how the Hamilton Ti-Cats will handle the cold Saskatchewan weather breathing down their necks. In an effort to get acclimatized as soon as possible, the team has opted to hold their practices outdoors, even though indoor facilities were offered.

“If you looked at the reaction of our players coming off of the plane at the terminal and walked to the bus, you would understand exactly why we need to [practice] in the weather today,” he said. “We’re going to get that out of the way early, and then we will go from there.”

But perhaps the most interesting, albeit hilarious part of the press conference came at the very last question. Just as both coaches thought that they had made it through the press conference relatively unscaved, one journalist had other ideas.

Since Chamblin was the rookie, he was awarded the chance to answer the pressing question: What is your philosophy on your players having sex prior to the game?

As beads of sweat began to fall from his forehead, Chamblin took a moment to reflect, and calmly answered the issue that was on everyone’s minds.

“That’s a question that you hear a lot, some guys may do it and some guys may not. If that’s what it takes to win a championship, then go right ahead.”

And with that, the press conference came to a close. Grey Cup 101 is officially underway in Riderville. But head coach Chamblin has just one more piece of advice.

“If they win a championship, they will have a lot of [sex],” he said. “Trust me.”

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