Don’t be shy to invite your friends for help!/ etrainer

Don’t be shy to invite your friends for help!/ etrainer

Warp movie titles to your heart’s content

Authors: John Loeppky and the Carillon staff, who are all now Hollywood writers

Following TV show @Midnight’s lead, below are a number of (slightly altered) movie titles. Would you watch any of the following?

The Sound of Elevator Music

Dear John McEnroe 

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret Admirers

Surgically Inside Llewyn Davis

The LEGO Movie: Uncensored

The Hollywood Expendables

America’s Muppets Most Wanted

Non-Subsidized Daddy Daycare

Divergent Political Thinking

The Werewolf of Wall Street

Twilight: New Mooning

Guardians of the Utterly Doomed Galaxy

The Grand Budapest Travelodge Hotel

X-Men: Days of Back to the Future

The Medium Lebowski

Put Bill in ICU, Vol. I and II


Hissyfit Club

American Heyman Hustle

Charlie’s Angles

Dwarf Star Wars

Sleepless in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Dr. Zhi-fuckitSmith

Jean-Luc Godard’s Weekend at Bernie’s

Office Space (For Lease)

2001: A Space Jam Odyssey

The Clodfather

Citizen Kane and Abel

Fully Metal-Lined Jacket

Enter the Drag Queen

Dolphin Tale 2: Chicken of the Sea

Uneasiness and Annoyance in Las Vegas

Chicken Little 007 in: The Sky is Falling


If you like, make sure to tweet at us with your own creations. Send the best of your humour to @The_Carillon and we might just retweet some of our favourites –The Staff

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