Yoga in pools…with cats…in nature…oh my!

Oooooh big stretch! Timo Volz via Unsplash

Who’d have thought there’d be so many yoga variations in Regina?

Getting active is sometimes hard when you are an unmotivated person, like me, which is why I have started pursuing unique experiences to encourage staying active. I started trying my hand at yoga and have since come to realize the ridiculous amount of unorthodox yoga sessions that exist within Regina. Even though these experiences may not be for you, you can still have the street credit saying that you did it.

As a person who cannot touch their toes, I have been inspired to begin yoga for multiple reasons. First, as a beginner runner, you really need a recovery day to stretch out your limbs after a big week. Second, it would be badass to be able to touch my toes.

The first experience is right here on campus in the Kinesiology building. Stand up paddle-board yoga is one of the aquatic activities offered to students and faculty through the University of Regina Recreation Services. While yoga certainly challenges your balancing abilities, standing on a paddle board takes it to another level. My entire experience was quite wobbly and challenging, but I did come out of it more level. I was quite worried that I would fall right off into the drink, but the paddleboard was quite stable once I got on it. While I thought that appropriate attire would be a swimsuit, many were wearing your typical stretchy pants and a tank top. I still chose to wear my yoga clothes over my swimsuit, just in case, but was not in fear of getting wet as soon as we started the session. Paddle board yoga is truly a memorable experience that I would try again. If you would like to give it a try, run on up to the second floor of the Kinesiology building across from the FLC and sign out a day pass to try a session before you commit to a full semester program.

Another opportunity that is purr-fect to practice strength and mobility with is around the peacefulness of cats. Excalipurr Cat Café has been holding occasional “Yoga with Cats” nights that invite you into a professionally led yoga session with the company of some resident feline friends. Yoga with cats is a fabulous way for animal lovers to get in a good stretch while supporting a small business. Keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page to see when their next Yoga with Cats night may be. Tickets are minimal to leave enough room for guests and kitties alike.

When it’s not being occupied by protests or marathons, the lawn of the Legislative Building has been occupied in the summer months by yoga classes. Regina yoga studio Bodhi Tree held daily sessions outside of Government House. Even better, it’s free for all to join. Taking advantage of Wascana park is always worthwhile, and in the company of wildlife makes it all the better. Out of all three experiences, this was the most relaxing, with the sounds of nature all around.

Beginner yoga has been an incredible recovery experience for me, but it’s also shown me how difficult it can be. I have noticed how important core and upper body strength are, and how I am completely lacking in both. Some of these experiences have challenged me in new ways and have made me want to try more unique yoga sessions. Switching things up helps to rejuvenate my interest in fitness, you just have to know where to find the unique opportunities.


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