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Caitlin Brezinski

With their energetic blend of bhangra, Celtic, dub reggae, and electronica, Delhi2Dublin is a band that has been transcending genres since 2006. The band describes their newest album, Planet Electric, as “the buzz of the world that they are plugging into some large socket to electrify the people, to charge up their energy.” This Vancouver-based 5-piece is comprised of members Tarun on tabla and electronics, Kytami on violin, Sanjay on lead vocals and dhol, Ravi on dhol and tabla, and Andrew on sitar and guitar.

Before driving from Montreal to New Brunswick, lead vocalist, Sanjay Seran took the time out to chat about the album and the ongoing Canadian tour.

Planet Electric has been out for six months now but the band didn’t have certain expectations of fans listening to it a certain way. “When we do put it together, we definitely put it together with the intention of listening to it all the way through, so there’s a flow to the album … but in general, we assume that people just buy one or two songs off of iTunes or whatever.” Sanjay explains.  “So listen to it however you want.  Preferably smoke a joint and listen to it, that’s probably the best.”

Delhi2Dublin have played numerous festivals but a headlining tour gives them the opportunity to really connect with their fans and Sanjay stresses the difference between playing festivals vs. a headlining tour.  “Festivals are just nuts, [they’re] awesome. There’s just so many people and there’s festivals where you gain new audiences and some of the people are there to see you but they’re really there for the festival. The special thing about a headlining tour is that the people that are there are really there to see you … and it’s a little bit flattering ’cause I was there last night and thinking ‘woah, this is pretty insane that these people have come to see us.’”

With the band’s headlining tour going coast to coast across Canada, Delhi2Dublin expects that this will create a larger fan base for their music. “It’s really our first time playing east coast, and we know that going from Winnipeg … west, that most of the shows are sold out and they’re just ready to rock,” Sanjay said. “So we know that the second half of the tour is definitely going to be crazy but … it’s cool to hit new territory and kind of build that fan base up.”

When performing, the band doesn’t have a fixed set list and likes to throw new and old stuff into the mix. “The newer stuff is exciting [to play] but sometimes old songs are like a comfort blanket, you don’t have to think about it and you can just relax.” Sanjay explains that changing the set around this way is “something [they’ve] always done.”

He also points out the importance of performing in front of a crowd. “It gets to a point where you know the material so well, so you’re just having fun with it and feeding off the audience.” When asked what he expects from the band when playing, he remarked, “the only thing I expect is that we show up and do it.”  As for what he expects from the fans, “I hope they expect to have a really good time ’cause that would mean that we set the standard nice and high.”  The band also always takes the time out to meet fans and “are always just walking around and totally accessible after a show.”

One important thing that people should know about Delhi2Dublin, Sanjay tells me, if they haven’t heard of them or don’t know what to expect is that “we’re really fun and expect to come out and have a really good time.”

Delhi2Dublin played at the Folk Festival last time they were here in Regina and will be hitting up the Exchange on Nov. 23 as part of their headlining tour.

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