Goerge Bush still sucks


author: annie trussler op-ed editor

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dracula isn’t suddenly a cool guy because Darth Vader waltzed into the room.

Bush did 9/11. Great, now that I have everyone’s attention, let’s talk about George Bush himself. Following the 2016 election, there have been a multitude of posts congratulating the former president for acts of humanity but, news flash, the guy is a war criminal, and not some cute pseudo-grandpa for centrists. George Bush is literally the worst kind of human being, and Trump’s continual shit-disturbance does not change that simply by comparison.

A bad person does not stop being bad when someone else is worse. Dracula isn’t suddenly a cool guy because Darth Vader waltzed into the room. They both still suck (pun partially intended).

Ah, let us count the ways George Bush is an evil tyrant: he launched a war almost wholly for oil, he plunged America into an economic crisis, he murdered the housing industry, and, oh yeah, he caused 9/11 (last one up for debate). Bush and his involvement in the Iraq War is reason enough to condemn him for as long as he lives.

In light of recent and not-so-recent events, people have celebrated Bush for condemning Trump and his parade of nonsense. I have an unfortunate reality for you. Condemning Trump does not make you a saint, it simply makes you a halfway decent human being. If you use your platform to speak out against violent xenophobia, you are merely doing your job as a politician.

We cannot allow ourselves to forget the horrors of the past because our present is filled with more. George Bush is one on the long list of many that, personally, I can never forgive. Thousands of lives worth of blood are on his hands, and for that, I feel no sympathy. The guy could parade naked through NYC screaming “Trump is a bad man,” and I would not so much as blink.

The Bush legacy is one of tyranny and violence. Bush Senior more or less began the stigma around Gay AIDS, and his child is no better. George Bush Jr. is, without a doubt, an evil, evil man.

It is essential we do not forget our critique of our white, male, Republican politicians. If we simply begin editing their mistakes for more severe ones, we are doomed to repeat the vicious cycle of fascist political spheres until we are doomed and unable to escape. This teaches war criminals that their actions will be excused and forgotten over the course of time.

Bush needs to be held responsible for the rest of time. He must be held accountable, along with his family, for as long as we dare remember their stain on human society. The American presidency is one plagued with murder, corruption, racism, xenophobia, and war crimes; these are acts that I will never forgive. I could write an entire article on the BS Obama is worshipped for, but I will save that for another week.

The station of the President of the United States is inherently evil. Presidents take on the responsibilities of a country so steeped in its own hatred that they can only approve of or weakly combat evil acts. Sorry, Mr. Bush, you’re still a piece of shit in my books.

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