Why I hate Gary Bettman


I know you are all thinking it, so I might as well say it

Autumn McDowell
sports editor

When the clock struck midnight on Sept. 15, every hockey fan’s worst nightmare had come true: the NHL is on lockout.

Normally, I’m not one to point fingers. I don’t like to single people out for being absolutely terrible at their job – except for cases like this when it’s blatantly obvious who’s fault it is.

Everyone who has the slightest idea about hockey will agree with me. This is all Gary Bettman’s fault.

I think that if Bettman really cared about the sport, he would stop at nothing to get the players back on the ice and resolve any lingering issues between the National Hockey League and its Players Association.

However, because the players and fans are dealing with someone who has basically decided to throw a tantrum and lock himself in the bathroom until further notice, we are forced to go without high-quality hockey.

I am now more certain than ever that Bettman has no soul. I am also convinced that he is on a power trip because he loved to continuously boast that he has the authority to call for a lockout as soon as the current agreement expired. Congratulations, Bettman, you did it. Are you fucking happy?

It really grinds my gears that just because this stubborn billionaire’s ass didn’t get the deal that he wanted right off the bat, he cancelled any further meetings between the two groups until time had essentially run out – because that is obviously what you would do if you didn’t want a lockout. I hope my sarcasm is coming across in this.

Once the announcement came, making the lockout official, it seemed as if Bettman just threw his greedy hands in the air and gave a fake surprised sigh so that some rookies would think that he actually cared about how many people’s lives he was ruining.

With no NHL, not only will the players be forced to play in sub-par leagues, a ridiculous number of people will be without jobs. From janitors, to media, to those innocent zamboni drivers, Bettman has screwed all of them over.

Most importantly, he has also made my freezing cold, long-as-hell winter even more hellish and nearly unbearable. But does Bettman care? No. He couldn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself and the insane amount of money that he will continue to rake in.

While Bettman’s wallet keeps expanding, NHL clubs that were already struggling will be damn near extinction if there is no hockey for the entire season.

As a whole, the league made more money last season than ever before. I’m not sure if Bettman is aware that this is because of the players and the fans, both groups that are being affected the most by his indecisiveness.

Bettman had better hope that he resolves this disagreement between the NHL and the NHLPA soon so that hockey can return to living rooms all over Canada. Otherwise, he can count on me waiting for him in the parking lot.

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