University of Regina Roundup


Whether it’s pre-season or regular season, we dominate

Autumn McDowell
Sports Editor

With the school year officially well underway the University of Regina teams are also back in action.

While some teams are still stuck in make-believe, others are playing where it actually counts. But, no matter what the case may be, the Cougars and Rams appear to be forced on the field and ice this year.

Men’s hockey

The men’s hockey team played a trio of pre-season games from Sept. 14-16 at The Cooperators Centre. All games were slated for 2:30p.m. – I can’t think of a more inconvenient time for a hockey game.

In the first pre-season game, the Cougars were supposed to take on Briercrest College, but no team showed up so the Cougars skated to a laughable 13-0 victory. Just kidding. Briercrest was actually there; they’re just really terrible.

However, the Cougars followed up their dominating performance with back-to-back losses on Saturday and Sunday. The Cougars were upended 5-0 against the University of Manitoba and 5-1 against the University of Saskatchewan, with only second-year forward Tyler Henry scoring a goal for Regina.

However, these scores have absolutely no effect on the season and can be thrown directly into the garbage from point blank rage.

The men’s hockey team will begin regular season aka games that actually matter on Friday, Sept. 28 when the UBC Thunderbirds are in town. Puck drops at an actual
realistic time of 7:00p.m.

Women’s hockey

In other meaningless games, the women’s hockey team took on the Northern Albert Institute of Technology on Sept. 15 in Carenport.

For those of you who are currently thinking to yourselves, “I didn’t know NAIT was in the CIS”, they’re not. That probably explains why the Cougars rolled to an easy 5-0 victory over the Ooks – if you can believe that that is actually their team name.

Before the women’s hockey team begins their regular season, they will be hosting the 2nd annual Mandi Schwartz Challenge at The Cooperators Centre from Sept. 21-23. After that, their quest for the playoffs will start on Oct. 5 when they travel to Vancouver to take on the Thunderbirds.

Women’s soccer

The Cougar women’s soccer team has been on quite a roll so far this season. They are currently 3-0 in regular season competition and are riding a five game winning streak included pre-season competition.

The women’s team has already tripled their wins record from last year, and look to be a force to be reckoned with in the CIS.

On Sept. 15-16 the Manitoba Bisons were in town to try and hand the Cougars their first losses of the year, but Regina had other ideas.

Third-year midfielder, Jayde McFee, scored the lone goal of the first game in the weekend series to lead the Cougars to a 1-0 victory on Saturday. While the game may have been regarded as boring by some – in terms of scoring – Megan Cormier put a stop to that thought during the teams next outing.

Taylor Firth scored the opening goal for the Cougars in game No. 2 and after that it was
all Cormier. Cormier absolutely lit it up in the Cougars on Sunday, scoring four out of the team’s five goals and adding an assist to set a new Cougars scoring record.

The Cougars sailed to an easy and exciting 5-0 victory on Cormier’s shoulders, pushing their record to 3-0 – the best start in the program’s history.

The Cougars look to continue their winning ways on Sept. 24 when they travel to Prince George to take on UNBC.

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