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Mental health week, URSU’s got talent, and more!

Kicking off the 2016-2017 school year, the Students’ Union had a great take off.

“URSU (University of Regina Students’ Union) had a good semester last year where we introduced some new programs successfully, namely the U-Pass, the URSU Library Textbook Partnership, and the URSU Cares Pantry, as well as the URSU Cares Breakfast Club,” University of Regina’s Student’s Union president Jermain McKenzie reports.

“We are keen on connecting with the student body in a way that has not been done before, and so we will be tabling regularly in Riddell to hear from the students directly as to how we can serve them better.”

So, what can be expected from URSU in the new semester of a new year?

“We want to know how the students want us to represent them, especially where the issue of tuition is concerned,” McKenzie explains.

“Students are having to be working longer hours than ever before and that is coupled with the rising requirements of obtaining a degree. We want to be able to know for sure whether what we believe to be true can be shown in research. Therefore, we are hoping to have our members participate in a mental health survey.”

While the desire is to have the survey out this semester, it may be released in the fall.

“Another new initiative that will be not be starting this winter but instead in the Fall, is a 5km run, which be a collaborative effort between the university, Queen City Marathon and URSU,” He explains.

“We want to ensure our members to improve their physical health, which has been shown to be intricately linked to our mental health. Speaking of mental health, we will be having our mental health week from Feb. 6 to 10. There will be some amazing events and speakers for that week.”

But as for events, plenty more are on the horizon.

“We will be putting together an awards ceremony which will be highlighting students and faculty who have excelled in one area or another, from academics to community service,” McKenzie explains.

“The other new event will be the first hosting of what we are hoping to become an annual charity fundraiser. This will be called “URSU’s Got Talent.” I am really excited about this event, as it will showcase some of the best talent within the university.”

URSU’s plan is to work with the MAP (Media, Art, Performance) faculty to “try and recruit some of the finest talent around to be apart of this showcase.” Despite the excitement, the focus of the fundraiser remains.

“It is more than just a showcase as it is also about charity, and this year we hope to raise a few thousand dollars to help our brothers and sisters from Syria who are fleeing the horrors of war,” says McKenzie.

URSU seems to be in high spirits heading into this semester, ready to bring better community and services to U of R’s students.

“We are always looking forward to hearing from students,” McKenzie concludes. “We hope that more and more students will take advantage of the services that are available to them through URSU.”

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