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Who won what?

The Carillon has been able to obtain the results for the 2017 URSU elections. Below we will list who won in what category and how many votes they received. Due to “pending board decisions” the results for the Vice President Student Affairs role have been held until further notice. For any uncontested positions, none of the candidates had more “No” votes and therefore, won their positions. These are also the unofficial results and could potentially be “subject to ratification by the URSU Board of Directors,” according to the URSU website.

For president Jermain McKenzie won with 1186 votes. Legbo Menegbo followed with 560 votes. In his platform, McKenzie says that he has “worked tirelessly to represent the interest of all students” in his previous year of presidency

On the referendum which stated “Are you in favour of reducing the previously approved new URSU fee collection structure from a $38.00 base fee plus $5.00 per credit hour to a $36.00 base fee plus $4.70 per credit hour?” 1218 students voted Yes and 147 students voted No.

For Vice President Operations and Finance Derrick Gagnon won with 826 votes. Faith Olanipekun had 766 votes. In Gagnon’s platform, he said that “URSU is in a better financial position than it has ever been and I believe now is the time to begin expanding services”.

For Vice President External Affairs, Haris Khan won with 651 votes, Jamie Cabrera in second with 449 votes, Conor Wooley in third with 394 votes, and Carson Walliser with 179 votes. In Khan’s platform, he said that “Now he is ready to serve the U of R students.”

For Arts Director, Colton Macdonald won with 147 votes. Mohammad Al-Bayati had 140 votes. In Macdonald’s platform, he said “I have gained the experience and insight needed to act as a voice for the students of the University of Regina.”

For Engineering Director, Rishabh won with 220 votes. Taylor Petrychyn had 154 votes.

For Science Director, Hamza Tariq won with 145 votes. Joshua Exner had 35 votes.

Six Senate members are elected with those being Derrick Gagnon with 692 votes, Emily Albano with 614 votes, Taylor Petrychyn with 575 votes, Kailey Lowe with 567 votes, Shawn Wiskar with 562 votes, and Conor Woolley with 558 votes.

For Arts University Council, Catherine Pamisaran won with 211 votes. Colton Macdonald had 169 votes.

For Arts Executive of Council, Derrick Gagnon won with 131 votes. Colton Macdonald had 105 votes.

This wraps up the results of the 2017 URSU Elections. The Carillon will continue to provide post-election news and updates about the process as they arrive.


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